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Game Achievement Points Unlocked
BANANA GO  BRRRRRR BANANA GO BRRRRRR 0.24 02/22/2023 13:39:27
Play Banana The first Time

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
First Banana
BBQ's Sniper BBQ's Sniper 1.01
A sniper from lao pi.You need to kill 100 people using sniper
Become Dev Become Dev 1.46
Kill dev once,or maybe try to input dev's name in the game
I am good at grappling I am good at grappling 1.55
In the InDoor map, grab every point without landing
I love banana I love banana 1.64
Launch game 1000 times
This is a betray This is a betray 0.47
Kill your friend
I am a noob I am a noob 0.56
Dead 100 times
Rifleman Rifleman 1.07
Kill 100 people with AL48
Thunder King Thunder King 1.49
Kill 100 people with a laser gun
Suck my Banana Suck my Banana 0.49
Win a game
HeadShot HeadShot 0.52
Headshot with a sniper rifle
Crazy upgrade Crazy upgrade 0.63
Reach all levels
I am a rock I am a rock 1.16
Win a game without getting hit
Bloodthirsty Bloodthirsty 0.46
Immediately breathe back blood after killing a person
Bad Guy Bad Guy 0.37
First kill
Sky eye Sky eye 0.82
Kill enemies 100m away
Red light green light Red light green light 1.47
Win a game without moving
Can't play until residual blood Can't play until residual blood 0.34
Kill an enemy with less than 10 health
The ultimate old skin The ultimate old skin 1.20
Kill 69 people with a knife
Electric eel Electric eel 1.52
Tase someone underwater
Banana Fight Banana Fight 1.60
Just like the word,kill 100 people with banana weapon
Being Expert Being Expert 0.81
Open your first crate in banana
Gun Game Gun Game 1.66
Kill with every gun in the game in 1 round(include special weapon)
Grapple Killer Grapple Killer 1.32
Kill someone while grappling
Explosive Entrance Explosive Entrance 1.15
Get a kill with a grenade at the start of the match
Welcom to banana Welcom to banana 1.49
Kill 1000 people
The Final Acomplishment The Final Acomplishment 1.73
being a banana hero in game,kill 42069 people in game
Banana Gun? Banana Gun? 1.56
i dont think that a gun... or maybe try to use it and kill 20 people in 1 match
jack jack 0.83
Kill a Jack
mmm Soda mmm Soda 2.19
Use soda vending machine
Im pro Im pro 2.16
Win 100 round
Sunny Day Sunny Day 2.16
Get blind 100 times
Zombie Slayer Zombie Slayer 2.19
Be the last one standing in infection mode
World Travel World Travel 2.19
Play all of the maps
Sussy Level Sussy Level 2.16
Get level 69

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