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  1. Yet another statistic website for achievements?
    Yep, but this one is special: Achievement Stats features, for the first time ever, full support for DLCs, i.e. your 100% games are not destroyed by locked achievements from DLCs you do not own in the first place. Broken achievements will also be deducted. No advertisements can be found here, just like annoying "Sign in through Steam" mandatory logins. There are no exclusive premium features, it is all free for everyone. Everything is viewable at first glance without cumbersome pagination. All are programmed by achievement fans for achievement fans. :) Furthermore, this website is completely multilingual; 14 languages are currently supported. In case you would like to provide another translation, please contact us!
  2. What about beta games?
    Betas are excluded from ranking on purpose, since they tamper with the total statistics. Many own a beta game, but only a few actual play it, meaning that the beta achievements would be worth a lot more compared to their normal counterparts. In case a regular game is listed as a beta, please drop us a note.
  3. What are achievement spam games?
    You don't have a game with achievements but achievements with little to no game at all. Those pseudo-achievements have banal requirements or are directly unlocked automatically on their own. They are most specious by their sheer number of several thousand or by a pure cosmetic use for profile decoration. Spam is therefore excluded from ranking, since it tampers with the total statistics.
  4. No cheating!
    A zero-tolerance policy applies for cheaters. Profiles with VAC ban are categorical excluded; just as blatantly obvious cheating regarding achievements will be removed from the ranking. Feel free to report suspicious profiles.
  5. What is considered as achievement cheating?
    Basically everything which unlocks an achievement without fulfilling its requirements. Profiles are therefore banned by
    • causing unlockings with external tools bypassing the game,
    • editing game files or manipulating the memory at runtime,
    • changing system time to simulate a specific date or a certain term,
    • using server, maps or mods for instant triggering of unlocks.
    Possibilities within the developer's responsibility, to handle those in an appropriate manner, are not being punished:
    • Usage of foreign but legit save games
    • Uncool taking advantage of known glitches
    • Cheats provided by the game itself
    • Utilities for automated operations
  6. Are profiles updated automatically?
    Yes, based on their frequency of unlocking achievements, but at the earliest every 36 hours. It is possible to manually update the profiles independently at any time, too.
  7. How does the points calculation work?
    The points are each calculated from the number of achievement owners with the total number of the related game owners. The more profiles are gathered, the precise points are rated. Achievements without any owner are scored with 0 points.
  8. How does the reporting of achievements work?
    Achievements can be reported e.g. as broken or belonging to a DLC. It is thereby possible to filter out unachievable achievements or assigning them to the correct game, not falsifying the statistics. Reporting an achievement is not taking effect until a critical and consistent amount of reports has been reached.
  9. What are broken achievements?
    Although fulfilling the requirements as defined in the achievement's description it did not unlock. Those achievements are therefore neglected for completion calculation and are also a clearly sign of cheating.
  10. What are temporary achievements?
    Those placeholders are most likely put in for test and development purposes or have simply no requirements, e.g. 'NEW_ACHIEVEMENT_DESC_', defined (yet). Those achievements are therefore neglected for completion calculation and are also a clearly sign of cheating.
  11. What are nonrecurring achievements?
    Bound to a certain time frame or to an unique event, they are intentionally no longer unlockable afterwards. Most prominent are e.g. Early Access achievements and since this limitation is intended, they are incorporated into the game completeness calculation.
  12. What are seasonal achievements?
    The unlocking may only be possible during certain seasons, but the possibility to do so is repeating again regularly (mostly once a year).
  13. What are monetary achievements?
    These achievements require an additional investment next to buying the game or DLC itself. These expenses could be ingame purchases, micro transactions, other games or special hardware devices.
  14. What are unobtainable achievements?
    Unlike broken achievements the unlocking mechanism is not bugged, but the needed surrounding conditions are missing. This could be e.g. a removed level/mode or some shut down server infrastructure. Those achievements are therefore neglected for completion calculation.
  15. How to remove my profile?
    Let us know and we will blacklist your profile. Currently there are 37825 profiles listed.
  16. Why is Steam counting more achievements than here?
    Unlocked achievements from games, you have played by guest passes, free weekends or Family Sharing, are going to vanish away from your games list after some time and therefore from AchStats, too. These achievements are still counted by Steam although you can't even view them on Steam itself anymore. However having lost a game the accompanied achievements are no longer listed on AchStats.


Achievement Stats was created by Chrissyx and m u n k y. We would like to thank the following:


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