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Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Penelope Has Superpowers Penelope Has Superpowers 1.56
Penelope killed the bandits on the isle.
Aaron Has Superpowers Aaron Has Superpowers 1.69
Aaron traveled to Infraworld.
Chapter 1: Pandora Global Corp. Chapter 1: Pandora Global Corp. 1.41
You Completed Chapter 1.
Chapter 2: The Island Chapter 2: The Island 1.68
You Completed Chapter 2.
Polidori is Everywhere Polidori is Everywhere 1.86
You examined the nightclub and arrival shop signs.
The Horror Beyond the Door The Horror Beyond the Door 1.86
You looked at the big door in the nightclub.
Curfew Curfew 1.74
You examined the poster near the arrival shop's door.
Weird Stuff Weird Stuff 1.95
You examined the door fridge where there are bricks.
A Lovely Gift A Lovely Gift 1.90
You gave the soldier to little Aaron.
The Smell in the Niche The Smell in the Niche 1.89
You looked at the niche with Aaron, and noticed a strange smell.
An Unloaded Gun? An Unloaded Gun? 1.92
Aaron looked at the gun.
Aliens or Demons? Aliens or Demons? 1.92
Penelope examined the statues in the temple.
An Airport in the Temple An Airport in the Temple 1.92
Penelope examined the gate in the large room of the temple.
A Pile of Garbage A Pile of Garbage 1.97
Penelope picked up the last red herring.
Look out! There's a hole! Look out! There's a hole! 1.93
You examined the hole in front of the three pyramids.
Love is a Wonderful Thing! Love is a Wonderful Thing! 1.93
Aaron tried to use the TV in Polidori's room.
The Heart of Pandora The Heart of Pandora 1.94
You examined the big computer at Pandora Global Corp.
Apocalypse and French Equations Apocalypse and French Equations 1.93
You picked up the old photo of Doc Apocalypse in Pandora's room.
The Map The Map 1.94
You examined the map on the wall in the last room.
A New Beginning A New Beginning 1.94
You chose your destiny when speaking to Vril and completed the game.
Chapter 3: Infraworld Chapter 3: Infraworld 1.89
You Completed Chapter 3.
Chapter 4: The Temple Chapter 4: The Temple 1.92
You Completed Chapter 4.
Chapter 5: Apotheosis Chapter 5: Apotheosis 1.93
You Completed Chapter 5.
Rookie Rookie 1.90
You scored 500 points.
Field Agent Field Agent 1.92
You scored 700 points.
Secret Agent Secret Agent 1.93
You completed the game and scored less than 900 points.
Double Agent Double Agent 1.97
You completed the game with at least 900 points.
Master Agent Master Agent 2.00
You completed the game with the maximum score of 1000 points.
Intro-spective Intro-spective 1.71
You watched the entire intro scene.
Women and Children First Women and Children First 1.84
You ignored Aaron and switched to Penelope right after the intro.
The Rittenhouse WTF Award The Rittenhouse WTF Award 1.94
You entered the code into the spider panel without asking Mr. Keys for the code.
Adam & Eve Adam & Eve 1.99
Achieved the maximum score and chose your destiny when speaking to Vril.
The Howard Philips Award The Howard Philips Award 2.00
Achieved the maximum score, chose your destiny with Vril, and collected every inventory item.
Destiny Destiny 2.00
Unlocked the first 25 achievements and the Howard Philips Award.
Hard-core Hard-core 2.02
Unlocked every achievement!

Achievement Stats 1.22
Executed 4 queries
625.79 KiB memory usage
20 crawler available

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