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Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Beginnings Beginnings 0.23
Evolve first living organism.
Upward and Onward Upward and Onward 0.25
Evolve life that can swim.
Out of the Ocean Out of the Ocean 0.30
Evolve first land animal.
First Human First Human 0.40
Evolve human.
If I Had A Hammer If I Had A Hammer 0.39
First tool.
Singularity Ending Singularity Ending 0.48
Your quantum computer simulation could not handle all calculations and crashed.
Terraform Mars Complete Terraform Mars Complete 0.62
You have successfully terraformed Mars.
Dawn of the Dinosaurs Dawn of the Dinosaurs 0.29
Unlocked the Mesozoic Meta Universe.
End of an Era End of an Era 0.33
Triggered an extinction event that ended the age of the dinosaurs.
Prehistoric Research Prehistoric Research 0.83
Discovered the origin of the fossil.
Avian Ancestors Avian Ancestors 0.90
Discovered the origins of birds.
Reptilian Relatives Reptilian Relatives 0.52
Discovered the origins of crocodiles.
Regicide Regicide 1.01
Discovered the last dinosaur in the meta simulation.
Shark Week Shark Week 1.08
Unlocked all Sharks.
King of the Jungle King of the Jungle 0.81
Unlocked feliformes.
Deja Vu Deja Vu 0.63
Advance to the singularity for a second time.
We Have Liftoff We Have Liftoff 0.68
Unlocked Beyond Simulation.
Only Eight Only Eight 1.04
Discovered all planets.
To Infinity... and Beyond! To Infinity... and Beyond! 1.20
Reach Alpha Centauri.

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20 crawler available

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