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Game Achievement Points Unlocked
Step 1 Step 1 0.96 07/03/2022 18:23:37
Reach Level 6

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Healthy Healthy 2.80
Stay logged in for 24 hours
H Shots H Shots 1.70
Earn 1,000 Headshots
AI Master AI Master 3.01
Reach Elite difficulty in Bot Mode (excluding Zombie Mode)
Survive Survive 3.32
Successfully survive (win as a human) Zombie (Original, Mutant, Hero) mode 3,000 times
5k 5k 3.16
Kill 5000 Zombies in Zombies (Original, Mutant, Hero) Mode
Melee Melee 2.25
10,000 Melee Weapon Kills
Mania Mania 3.02
Reach 2,000 hours of cumulative login time
Striker Striker 2.76
100 Goals in Football Mode
AM AM 3.04
Score 50 assists and 100 passes in Soccer
DM DM 2.76
Score 100 steals and passes in Soccer
CB CB 2.75
Score 200 steals and 10 defenses in Soccer
Goalie Goalie 2.78
Score 50 goal defenses in Soccer
Libero Libero 3.37
Achieve a creative play in Soccer
Player Player 3.52
Achieve an outstanding play in Soccer
MVP MVP 3.59
Achieve 2,500 MVPs in Soccer
Killing Machine Killing Machine 2.66
Annihilate Zombies in Zombie Scenario
Bomb Squad Bomb Squad 3.07
C4 Planting/Defusal Expert
Angel Angel 3.00
For those who bring happiness to others
Evolving Evolving 3.52
Top Zombie Player by evolutions
Smasher Smasher 2.97
Kill 300 mosquitoes in a map where mosquitoes appear
Winner Winner 3.21
300 wins in Team Deathmatch mode
Avenger Avenger 3.18
Tenacious warrior bent on revenge
Specialist Specialist 2.75
Complete 30 Consecutive Special Missions
Perfectionist Perfectionist 2.38
Clear All Daily Missions 10 Times
Completionist Completionist 3.03
Complete a Mission with Great Passion
Kite Kite 3.03
Kill 300 Stingray Kites in maps where Stingray Kites appear
City City 3.43
Survival: Clear Lost City 100 times
Activate Activate 3.48
Survival: Survive Trap 100 times
Phobos Phobos 3.00
Kill Phobos 100 times
Oberon Oberon 3.06
Kill Oberon 100 times
Pilgrim Pilgrim 2.44
Clear Zombie Scenario Season 1
Undertaker Undertaker 3.28
Score One Million Zombie Kills in Zombie Scenario
Gang Gang 3.27
Accumulate 100 Continuous 5 Plays in Map Advancement
Buster Buster 3.66
Play for 350 hours in Zombie mode with other Family members
Scenario Scenario 3.63
Play Scenario mode with Family member for 350 hours
Godlike Godlike 2.94
Earn 3 consecutive 1000 kills without dying in Original/Team Deathmatch
Poison Poison 3.10
Defeat Dione 100 times
Comanche Comanche 3.31
Defeat Comanche 100 times
Osprey Osprey 3.43
Defeat Osprey 100 times
Gear Gear 3.54
Defeat XT-300 100 times
Hawkeye Hawkeye 3.10
Kill 3000 Hiddens in Hidden Mode
Meister Meister 2.74
Successfully craft a weapon 300 times
Escape Escape 3.39
Escape 3,000 times in Zombie Escape Mode
Demo Man Demo Man 3.12
10,000 Kills using Bazooka in Bazooka Battle
Enhance Enhance 2.42
Achieved Weapon Enhancement 100 times
Failure Failure 3.10
Failed to enhance the weapon 3000 times
Phoenix Phoenix 3.48
Survival: Clear 100 times in Groundwater
Weapon Specialist Weapon Specialist 3.01
Use a variety of weapons in Gun Deathmatch Mode
Decoy Decoy 3.47
Kill Revenant 100 times
Zombie Master Zombie Master 3.11
Unlock Elite Difficulty in Zombie Mode
Reliable Reliable 3.48
Commit yourself for the team's victory in Basic Mode
Angra Angra 3.30
Kill Angra 100 times
Infector Infector 3.63
Infect humans in Zombie Escape mode 5,000 times or more
Crossfire Crossfire 3.10
Actively play a role in Battle Rush Mode
Attack Attack 3.37
Defeat the Fallen Titan 100 times
Rusty Rusty 3.37
Defeat the Rusty Scorpion 100 times
Erika Erika 3.11
Defeat the Mad Mechanic 100 times
Command Command 3.20
Defeat Lost Guardian 100 times
Berserk Berserk 3.22
Achieve 1000 kills as the Beast
Last Last 3.50
Clear New Zombie Shelter: Co-op 100 times
Destroy Destroy 3.31
Win New Zombie Shelter: Team Match 100 times
Keeper Keeper 3.43
Survival: Clear Double Gate 100 times
Rage Master Rage Master 3.72
Defeat Frozen Wrath 100 times
Controller Controller 3.72
Defeat Gluttony 100 times
Great Detective Great Detective 3.72
Defeat Zavist and Neid 100 times
Madness Ender Madness Ender 3.72
Defeat Doctor Rex 100 times
Mech Warrior Mech Warrior 3.72
Operate XT-300 100 times
Exterminator Exterminator 3.72
Kill Laser Wing 100 times
Traitor Traitor 3.72
Kill Jack 100 times
Transformer Transformer 3.72
Kill Cronobotic 100 times
Recycler Recycler 3.63
Successfully Disassemble 1,000 times
Treasure Hunter Treasure Hunter 3.61
Earn 100,000 points from boxes dropped in Zombie Scenario.
Renovator Renovator 3.56
Obtain arms with an unlimited extension period.
Light Zombie Master Light Zombie Master 3.72
Infect a Human 10,000 times as a Light Zombie
Heavy Zombie Master Heavy Zombie Master 3.72
Infect a Human 10,000 times as a Heavy Zombie
Normal Zombie Master Normal Zombie Master 3.72
Infect a Human 10,000 times as a Regular Zombie
Ganymede Master Ganymede Master 3.72
Infect a Human 10,000 times as a Ganymede
Deimos Master Deimos Master 3.72
Infect a Human 10,000 times as a Deimos
Banshee Master Banshee Master 3.72
Infect a Human 10,000 times as a Banshee
Venom Guard Master Venom Guard Master 3.72
Infect a Human 10,000 times as a Venom Guard
Voodoo Zombie Master Voodoo Zombie Master 3.72
Infect a Human 10,000 times as a Voodoo Zombie
Psycho Zombie Master Psycho Zombie Master 3.72
Infect a Human 10,000 times as a Psycho Zombie
Stamper Master Stamper Master 3.72
Infect a Human 10,000 times as a Stamper
Venom Sting Master Venom Sting Master 3.72
Infect a Human 10,000 times as a Venom Sting
Jiangshi Master Jiangshi Master 3.72
Infect a Human 10,000 times as a Jiangshi
Lilith Master Lilith Master 3.72
Infect a Human 10,000 times as a Lilith
Metatron Master Metatron Master 3.72
Infect a Human 10,000 times as a Metatron
Chaser Master Chaser Master 3.72
Infect a Human 10,000 times as a Chaser
Blotter Master Blotter Master 3.72
Infect a Human 10,000 times as a Blotter
I Can Fly I Can Fly 3.72
Defeat Crono Wing 100 times
Bodyguard Bodyguard 3.72
Defeat Mr. X 100 times
Clay Shooter Clay Shooter 3.72
Defeat Bootleg 100 times
Taste Test Taste Test 3.72
Defeat Tyrant Crab 100 times
Agent Agent 3.72
Defeat Agent J 100 times
Rusty Wing Master Rusty Wing Master 3.72
Infect a Human 10,000 times as a Rusty Wing
CSN:S Soldier CSN:S Soldier 3.56
Reach Level 100
Yaksha Master Yaksha Master 3.72
Infect a Human 10,000 times as a Yaksha
Mutant Mutant 3.66
Reached 5000 cumulative EXP.
Metamorph Metamorph 3.69
Reached 10,000 cumulative mutations.
Unapproachable Unapproachable 3.63
Scored 100 melee kills with the Melee Masher mutation.
Incorruptible Incorruptible 3.59
Achieved 10 round victories without any mutations as a human.
Big Roller Big Roller 3.66
Played 1000 rounds in which you spent more than 6000 dollars.
Penny Pincher Penny Pincher 3.66
Played 1000 rounds in which you spent less than 3000 dollars.
Artillery Artillery 3.69
Scored 100 kills using the Support Bombardment mutation
Celebrity Celebrity 3.66
Made 100 Hero or Sidekick selections after obtaining the Heroic Presence mutation.
Chaotic Chaotic 3.69
Made 1000 random weapon purchases.
Ascetic Ascetic 3.59
Scored 10 cumulative zombie kills after spending no money.
Bursting Bursting 3.63
Used 1000 Zombie Bombs.
Transformed Transformed 3.56
Played 3 or more different zombies during a single round.
Superior Superior 3.63
Scored 100 kills on players who had more mutations.
Opportunist Opportunist 3.61
Scored 100 kills on players who had less mutations.
Hunter Hunter 3.56
Scored a zombie kill with the Hunter's Instinct mutation.
Skyward Skyward 3.69
Obtained the Icarus mutation 100 times.
Unstable Unstable 3.56
Obtained at least 20 mutations at once after joining mid-match.
Superstar Superstar 3.66
Achieved 1st place results 10 times in Zombie Z.
Test Subject Test Subject 3.54
Played Zombie Z mode 5 times.
Control Group Control Group 3.66
Played Zombie Z mode 5 times with other players.
Zombie Hunter Zombie Hunter 3.66
Scored 1000 zombie kills.
Terminator Terminator 3.69
Scored 1000 zombie kills with headshots.
Such Potential Such Potential 3.72
Had less than 20 mutations activated while having the maximum number of mutations.
Doppelganger Doppelganger 3.66
Scored a kill against another player who had the same mutation as themselves.
Mechanical Engineer Mechanical Engineer 3.72
Defeat Colossus 100 times
Brought a Bigger Boat Brought a Bigger Boat 3.72
Defeat Megalodon 100 times
Season 2 Veteran Season 2 Veteran 3.59
Clear Zombie Scenario Season 2
Season 3 Veteran Season 3 Veteran 3.61
Clear Zombie Scenario Season 3
Season 4 Veteran Season 4 Veteran 3.54
Clear Zombie Scenario Season 4
Season 5 Veteran Season 5 Veteran 3.61
Clear Zombie Scenario Season 5
Season 6 Veteran Season 6 Veteran 3.59
Clear Zombie Scenario Season 6
Award-Winning Actor Award-Winning Actor 3.72
Receive a total of 100 Golden Thumbs Up
Hawkeye Hawkeye 3.72
Kill 500 objects as a seeker
Fortune's Favored Fortune's Favored 3.72
Find 200 objects during Burning Time
Super Seeker Super Seeker 3.72
Play 200 times as a seeker
Method Actor Method Actor 3.72
Play a total of 500 times as an object
Spider Human Spider Human 3.72
Transform into Arachne 1,000 or more times
Kennel Keeper Kennel Keeper 3.72
Transform into Brutus 1,000 or more times
Overdose Overdose 3.72
Use virus as a human 1,000 or more times
Arachne Master Arachne Master 3.72
Infect 10,000 humans as Arachne
Brutus Master Brutus Master 3.72
Infect 10,000 humans as Brutus
Not Missing a Beat Not Missing a Beat 3.50
Achieve 5 consecutive logins
Welcome Welcome 3.52
Reach cumulative 10 logins
Hacker Hacker 3.50
Decode 30 decoders.
Security System Security System 3.72
Defeat the security system 100 times
Complete the Guide Complete the Guide 3.56
A token for those who have completed all the missions of the Mission Chain tutorial
Negotiator Negotiator 3.72
Defeat Agent B 100 times
Season 7 Veteran Season 7 Veteran 3.66
Clear Zombie Scenario Season 7
Look Into My Eyes Look Into My Eyes 3.72
Defeat Agent H 100 times
Master of Combining Master of Combining 3.66
A medal awarded to those who have successfully part combined 100 times
Lion Heart Lion Heart 3.72
Defeat Hippomenes 100 times
Extermination Extermination 3.72
Defeat Narak 100 times
Season 8 Veteran Season 8 Veteran 3.69
Clear Zombie Scenario Season 8

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