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Game Achievement Points Unlocked
Technician Technician 0.60 02/17/2024 20:53:26
Refuel the Hearth for the first time.

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Trainee Trainee 0.60
Serve your first customer.
Chefy Chefy 0.65
Cook your first dish.
Sous Chefy Sous Chefy 0.77
Burn your first dish.
Warrior Warrior 0.77
Kill your first skeleton.
Brawler Brawler 0.58
Punch a customer - how could you!?
The Prince of Gluttony The Prince of Gluttony 0.63
Meet the "Gobbler" for the first time.
The King of Dwarves The King of Dwarves 0.67
Meet the "Dwarf King" for the first time.
The Queen of Frost The Queen of Frost 0.73
Meet the "Druid" for the first time.
Tavern Connoisseur Tavern Connoisseur 0.69
Fully unlock all customer races and renowned.
Perfection Perfection 1.15
Fully upgrade the tavern.
Pillionaire Pillionaire 0.63
Profit $200 in a single day.
Investor Investor 0.81
Buy $350 worth of upgrades in a single day.
Petty Cash Petty Cash 1.16
Have $1000 in your bank balance at once.
The Velasco The Velasco 1.34
Locate the mythical Velasco in the tavern.
The Bestest Dwarf... The Bestest Dwarf... 0.70
Earn employee of the day in a server with two or more players.
The Talk of Mount Ainn The Talk of Mount Ainn 0.86
Achieve a rating of five stars for your tavern.
Collateral Damage Collateral Damage 0.77
Have your tables broken by The Gobbler.
Working Hazard Working Hazard 1.40
Get knocked out by The Dwarf King's hammer.
Winter Cleaning Winter Cleaning 0.92
Punch out an ice wall created by The Druid.

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