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Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Boss Baby Boss Baby 1.67
Long Bot Silver Licked!
Boss Junior Boss Junior 1.91
Botbeard Bashed!
Boss Deputy Boss Deputy 2.08
Botbarossa Bested!
Boss Boss Boss Boss 2.18
The Dread Pirate Robot Deposed!
Game! Set! Match! Game! Set! Match! 2.15
All Cards Collected
I Be Bad I Be Bad 2.18
Game Completed: Standard Challenge
I Be Badder I Be Badder 2.32
Game Completed: Hard Challenge
I Be Badderest I Be Badderest 2.40
Game Completed: Extreme Challenge
Quick Change Quick Change 2.28
Game Completed: Under 30 Hours
I Be The Law I Be The Law 2.15
1 000 Piratebots Removed
Collateral Damage Collateral Damage 1.44
10 000 Damage Dealt
I Be Repellent I Be Repellent 2.24
100 Raids Repelled (No Truces!)
Demolicious Demolicious 1.66
100 Piratebot Structures Demolished
I Be Flush I Be Flush 1.87
100 000 Gold Earned
I Be Loaded I Be Loaded 2.05
250 000 Gold Earned
I Be Filthy I Be Filthy 2.13
500 000 Gold Earned
Tech Savvy Tech Savvy 2.05
100 000 Pieces of 8-bit Claimed
Wuv Maker Wuv Maker 1.74
1 000 Wuv Generated
Fixer Upper Fixer Upper 2.13
100 Structures Repaired
I Be Botty I Be Botty 1.94
250 Defencebots Manufactured
Trap Happy Trap Happy 2.13
50 Traps Destroyed
Work It Work It 2.28
Piratebot Removed By Workerbots
Sapper Slapper Sapper Slapper 2.09
Piratebot Removed By Sappers
Decimation Decimation 1.43
10 Piratebots Removed With No Defencebots Lost
Icosimation Icosimation 1.59
20 Piratebots Removed With No Defencebots Lost
Strike! Strike! 2.32
10 Piratebots Removed With Single Trebuchet Shot
For The Greater Good For The Greater Good 2.21
10 Workerbots Destroyed By Single Trap
All Our Base All Our Base 2.18
All Outposts Reclaimed
Spotless Spotless 2.32
All Piratebot Structures Destroyed

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