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Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Royalty Royalty 1.63
Prestige in Ranked
Streaker Streaker 0.75
Earn a Killstreak in Ranked
Terrorist Survivor Terrorist Survivor 1.11
Survive wave 5 in Terrorist Survival
Undead Survivor Undead Survivor 0.98
Survive wave 5 in Undead Survival
Chaos Survivor Chaos Survivor 1.54
Survive wave 5 in Chaos Survival
Killer I Killer I 0.59
Get 10 kills in Ranked
Killer II Killer II 0.97
Get 100 kills in Ranked
Killer III Killer III 1.41
Get 500 kills in Ranked
Marksman I Marksman I 0.69
Get 10 headshots in Ranked
Marksman II Marksman II 1.02
Get 50 headshots in Ranked
Marksman III Marksman III 1.21
Get 100 headshots in Ranked
First Blood I First Blood I 0.86
Get the first kill in a Ranked game
First Blood II First Blood II 1.63
Get 50 First Bloods
First Blood III First Blood III 1.65
Get 100 First Bloods
Operator I Operator I 1.31
Get 10 Operation Stars
Operator II Operator II 1.64
Get 50 Operation Stars
Challenges I Challenges I 1.66
Complete 50 challenges
Challenges II Challenges II 1.66
Complete 100 challenges
Challenges III Challenges III 1.68
Complete 250 challenges
Melees I Melees I 1.26
Get 10 melee kills in Ranked
Melees II Melees II 1.50
Get 50 melee kills in Ranked
Melees III Melees III 1.58
Get 100 melee kills in Ranked
Buzz Kill I Buzz Kill I 1.20
Get 10 Buzz Kills
Buzz Kill II Buzz Kill II 1.52
Get 50 Buzz Kills
Buzz Kill III Buzz Kill III 1.56
Get 100 Buzz Kills
Avenger I Avenger I 1.48
Get 10 Avengers
Avenger II Avenger II 1.63
Get 50 Avengers
Avenger III Avenger III 1.65
Get 100 Avengers
Revenge I Revenge I 1.09
Get 10 Revenges
Revenge II Revenge II 1.47
Get 50 Revenges
Revenge III Revenge III 1.55
Get 100 Revenges
MVP I MVP I 1.11
Be the MVP in a Ranked game
Get 50 MVPs
Get 100 MVPs
Captor I Captor I 1.47
Capture a flag 10 times
Captor II Captor II 1.65
Capture a flag 50 times
Captor III Captor III 1.66
Capture a flag 100 times
Bomb Planter I Bomb Planter I 1.47
Plant the bomb 10 times
Bomb Planter II Bomb Planter II 1.66
Plant the bomb 50 times
Bomb Planter III Bomb Planter III 1.68
Plant the bomb 100 times
Defuser I Defuser I 1.67
Defuse the bomb 10 times
Defuser II Defuser II 1.68
Defuse the bomb 50 times
Defuser III Defuser III 1.68
Defuse the bomb 100 times
Stakeout Survivor Stakeout Survivor 1.39
Survive wave 5 in Stakeout Survival
Pro Survivor Pro Survivor 1.67
Survive wave 5 in Pro Survival

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