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Game Achievement Points Unlocked
Seaworthy Seaworthy 0.82 08/17/2022 01:08:41
Repair the Ship
Blacksmith Blacksmith 0.79 08/17/2022 01:02:22
Make a Tool at a Toolsmith

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
The Stars Beckon The Stars Beckon 1.23
Repair the Spaceship
A New Home A New Home 1.24
Colonise a Planet
It's Bright Out There It's Bright Out There 1.76
Colonise an innermost Planet
The Dark Reaches The Dark Reaches 1.91
Colonise an outermost Planet
What was That? What was That? 1.59
Survive a whale attack
Feed The Beast Feed The Beast 1.89
Prevent a Whale attack with a Space Elevator
A Whole New World A Whole New World 2.12
Finish the game
Heart of the Labyrinth Heart of the Labyrinth 2.31
Tame a Minotaur
Debug Mode Debug Mode 2.09
Tame a Gremlin Nest
Riddle Master Riddle Master 2.24
Tame a Sphinx
Heart of the Ocean Heart of the Ocean 2.18
Tame a Kraken
Smooth Sailing Smooth Sailing 2.36
Repair the Ship in 15 in-game minutes
Let's Get Off This Rock Let's Get Off This Rock 2.47
Repair the Spaceship in 90 in-game minutes
Property Investor Property Investor 1.51
Build 100 Huts across all games
Ribbit Ribbit 2.42
Click on a frog
Back to the Bunker Back to the Bunker 2.60
Hide all Peeps on a Planet in Shelters during a Whale attack
Fortified Fortified 2.15
Fully protect a Planet with a Shield
Opulence Opulence 2.60
Have 100+ Peeps on Island, all of them happy and living in Apartments. Also have 10 Fountains and no pollution on that Island
7 Horizons 7 Horizons 2.46
Colonise 7 Planets in 1 game
Warm at Heart Warm at Heart 2.96
Have all Peeps wearing Good Clothing
Metropolis Metropolis 2.57
Have one Island with 300+ Peeps on it, all with homes
Utopia Utopia 2.37
Have one Island with 200+ Peeps, all happy and housed
Holiday Resort Holiday Resort 2.72
Have 100+ Peeps, all happy and housed, on an Island that's never had fields or Extractor, Industry or Quality of Life buildings on it
One with Nature One with Nature 2.36
Repair Spaceship without ever demolishing a Forest
We Don't Need No Education We Don't Need No Education 2.46
Have 100 Peeps on an Island without ever building a School there
Radioactive Radioactive 2.64
Finish the game without ever building a cleaner
Variety is the Spice of Life Variety is the Spice of Life 2.52
Colonise Islands of all 6 biomes and have a population of at least 50 Peeps on each of them
The Taste Of Home The Taste Of Home 2.60
50+ Peeps, all happy, on an inner or outer Planet Island, fed with only potatoes and water
Environmental Protection Agency Environmental Protection Agency 2.52
Maintain a full Shield for 1 in-game hour around a Planet with only Wind and Solar generators
Apocalype Soon Apocalype Soon 2.85
Complete the Apocalypse Soon scenario
Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom 2.12
Lose 20+ buildings in one whale attack
Who put that there? Who put that there? 2.57
Destroy a Ship by creating crystal Island under it
Misery Loves Company Misery Loves Company 3.00
Have 100+ Peeps in a game, all of them Very Sad
What did I step in? What did I step in? 3.00
Have a Planet with every Island tile polluted (apart from tiny islands), with default pollution difficulty settings
Seed Hunter Seed Hunter 2.83
Complete the Seed Hunter scenario
Hut-Owners Association Hut-Owners Association 3.04
Complete the Hut-Owners Association scenario
Getting Busy Getting Busy 2.92
Complete the Getting Busy scenario
Baby Boom Baby Boom 1.64
Create 500 Peeps across all games
Explorer Explorer 2.14
Colonise 20 Islands across all games
Survivalist Survivalist 2.24
Survive 20 Whale Attacks across all games
Alchemist Alchemist 1.77
Use a Transmogrifier 30 times across all games
Tinker Tinker 1.79
Make 100 Gadgets across all games
Astronaut Astronaut 2.04
Build 10 Spaceships across all games
Captain Captain 1.73
Build 20 Ships across all games
Woodchuck Woodchuck 1.28
Demolish 100 forests across all games
Property Tycoon Property Tycoon 2.83
Build 1000 Huts across all games
Baby Boom Plus Baby Boom Plus 2.82
Create 5000 Peeps across all games
Explorer Plus Explorer Plus 2.87
Colonise 100 Islands across all games
Survivalist Plus Survivalist Plus 2.88
Survive 100 Whale Attacks across all games
Grand Alchemist Grand Alchemist 2.44
Use a Transmogrifier 200 times across all games
Grand Tinker Grand Tinker 2.30
Make 1000 Gadgets across all games
Space Admiral Space Admiral 2.96
Build 100 Spaceships across all games
Admiral Admiral 2.85
Build 200 Ships across all games
Giant Woodchuck Giant Woodchuck 2.27
Demolish 1000 forests across all games

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