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Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Is This How You Do It? Is This How You Do It? 1.16
Complete the tutorial
So Much Anger So Much Anger 1.18
Obtain Conan's Barbarian Rage
Spin to Win Spin to Win 1.46
Obtain Valeria's Tornado Slash
Cloudy with a Chance of Arrows Cloudy with a Chance of Arrows 1.60
Obtain Belit's Rain of Arrows
Listen to Me! Listen to Me! 1.53
Obtain Pallantides' Roar of the Dragon
A New Tool A New Tool 1.30
Forge a Weapon at the Blacksmith in your Town
A New Accessory A New Accessory 1.39
Forge a Shield at the Blacksmith in your Town
A New Outfit A New Outfit 1.37
Forge an Armor at the Blacksmith in your Town
A New Trinket A New Trinket 1.31
Forge a Charm at the Blacksmith in your Town
Defender of the Grasslands Defender of the Grasslands 1.39
Defeat a miniboss in Nemedia
Defender of the Forest Defender of the Forest 1.41
Defeat a miniboss in Darkwood
Tame the Ape Tame the Ape 1.31
Defeat Thak
Fashionista Fashionista 1.26
Wear a matching Shield and Armor set
Treasure Hunter Treasure Hunter 1.31
Open a Gold Chest in the world
An Act of Kindness An Act of Kindness 1.57
Find and return the Doll
Unleash the Phoenix Unleash the Phoenix 1.95
Return the Staff of Epemitreus
Reckless Brawler Reckless Brawler 1.90
Obtain 1 trait for Conan
Nimble Warrior Nimble Warrior 1.94
Obtain 1 trait for Valeria
Agile Sniper Agile Sniper 1.95
Obtain 1 trait for Belit
Steadfast Protector Steadfast Protector 2.04
Obtain 1 trait for Pallantides
Brazen Brawn Brazen Brawn 2.12
Obtain 3 traits for Conan
Finest Finesse Finest Finesse 2.24
Obtain 3 traits for Valeria
Alarming Accuracy Alarming Accuracy 2.27
Obtain 3 traits for Belit
Relentless Resilience Relentless Resilience 2.29
Obtain 3 traits for Pallantides
Defender of the Desert Defender of the Desert 1.61
Defeat a miniboss in Koth
Defender of the Tundra Defender of the Tundra 1.73
Defeat a miniboss in Vanaheim
Defender of the Mountains Defender of the Mountains 2.07
Defeat a miniboss in Hyperborea
Bait for the Hook Bait for the Hook 1.46
Defeat the Sand Worm
All Thawed Out All Thawed Out 1.71
Defeat the Frost Giant
Douse the Flames Douse the Flames 1.88
Defeat Skelos
Pet Handler Pet Handler 2.14
Have 3 pets at once
Through the Mirage Through the Mirage 1.68
Use Oasis Key
A Recovered Relic A Recovered Relic 1.80
Locate the Staff of Epemitreus
Simply Charming Simply Charming 1.57
Equip 4 Charms
Conan the Cimmerian Conan the Cimmerian 2.12
Defeat Xaltotun as Conan
Queen of the Red Brotherhood Queen of the Red Brotherhood 2.27
Defeat Xaltotun as Valeria
Queen of the Black Coast Queen of the Black Coast 2.35
Defeat Xaltotun as Belit
Commander of the Black Dragons Commander of the Black Dragons 2.35
Defeat Xaltotun as Pallantides
A Good Defense A Good Defense 2.08
Restored the Shield Shop in your Town
Tooled Up Tooled Up 2.18
Restored the Weapon Shop in your Town
Marks of the Trade Marks of the Trade 2.07
Restored the Armor Shop in your Town
Diversify your Bonds Diversify your Bonds 2.15
Restored the Charm Shop in your Town
Pillar of the Community Pillar of the Community 2.35
Restored your Town
Evil Vanquished! Evil Vanquished! 2.35
Defeat Thoth-Amon
King Conan King Conan 2.64
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