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Game Achievement Points Unlocked
Newbie Pal Tamer Newbie Pal Tamer 0.11 07/10/2024 02:45:24
Caught 10 kinds of Pals
Beginning of the Legend Beginning of the Legend 0.06 07/10/2024 01:56:57
Caught first Pal

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Hillside Sovereign Hillside Sovereign 0.15
Defeated Zoe & Grizzbolt
Snowfall Sovereign Snowfall Sovereign 0.54
Defeated Lily & Lyleen
Desert Sovereign Desert Sovereign 0.91
Defeated Marcus & Faleris
Volcano Sovereign Volcano Sovereign 0.82
Defeated Axel & Orserk
Astral Sovereign Astral Sovereign 1.03
Defeated Victor & Shadowbeak
Intermediate Pal Tamer Intermediate Pal Tamer 0.15
Caught 20 kinds of Pals
Skilled Pal Tamer Skilled Pal Tamer 0.28
Caught 50 kinds of Pals
Seasoned Pal Tamer Seasoned Pal Tamer 0.55
Caught 90 kinds of Pals
Twilight Siren Twilight Siren 2.04
Defeated a summoned Bellanoir
Eclipsed Siren Eclipsed Siren 2.19
Defeated a summoned Bellanoir Libero
Blossom Sovereign Blossom Sovereign 3.16
Defeated Saya & Selyne
Incarnation of the Eternal Flame Incarnation of the Eternal Flame 3.55
Summoned and defeated a Blazamut Ryu
Exceptional Pal Tamer Exceptional Pal Tamer 3.16
Caught 140 kinds of Pals
Overhunting Overhunting 3.16
Caught 1000 Pals
Inhuman Act Inhuman Act 2.91
Caught a Human
Legendary Celestial Dragon Legendary Celestial Dragon 3.38
Caught a Jetragon
Holy Knight of Legend Holy Knight of Legend 3.38
Caught a Paladius
Dark Knight of Legend Dark Knight of Legend 3.38
Caught a Necromus
Legendary Steed of Ice Legendary Steed of Ice 3.25
Caught a Frostallion
Trail of the Castaway Trail of the Castaway 3.55
Obtained 40 Notes
Palpagos Guru Palpagos Guru 3.38
Obtained 255 Lifmunk Effigies
All for One All for One 3.38
Maximized the rank of a Pal
Voice of Resentment Voice of Resentment 3.55
Maximized the rank of 5 Pals
Senior Adventurer Senior Adventurer 3.26
Cleared 20 dungeons
Conqueror of the Sea Conqueror of the Sea 3.25
Seized the Oil Rig
Champion of the Palpagos Islands Champion of the Palpagos Islands 3.55
Defeated 6 tower bosses in hard mode
Sphere Craftsman Sphere Craftsman 3.38
Crafted 2000 spheres
Iron Heart Iron Heart 3.26
Crafted 10,000 ingots
Blood and Iron Blood and Iron 3.38
Crafted 20,000 ammo

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