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Game Achievement Points Unlocked
Welcome to my Garden Welcome to my Garden 1.77 05/03/2020 14:20:48
Meet Vurrus

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Hidden Desert Hidden Desert 1.94
Leave Undersyde
Railroad Traveler Railroad Traveler 1.96
Escape the Metro
Plumbing Call Plumbing Call 1.96
Tamper with the Water Treatment Plant
Hallowed Hoedown Hallowed Hoedown 1.97
Find Gourdmoore
Vidiot Vidiot 1.96
Complete TV Land
Lost Continuum Lost Continuum 1.98
Reach for Nowhere
Art-Sat Art-Sat 1.98
Rediscover the Satellite
I'm Walking Here! I'm Walking Here! 1.93
Recruit Isaac!
Wanna Save? Wanna Save? 1.96
Recruit Midori!
Penny Pincher Penny Pincher 1.97
Recruit Jack!
Phone Calls Phone Calls 1.95
Recruit Alex!
Orphaned Apparition Orphaned Apparition 1.97
Recruit Eliose!
In the name of all that is Holy... In the name of all that is Holy... 1.96
Recruit Occidere!
Unsavory Orphaner Unsavory Orphaner 1.94
Defeat Madame Lochhart!
Horrendous Hellion Horrendous Hellion 1.95
Defeat Milly!
Bloodcurdling Bomb Bloodcurdling Bomb 1.97
Defeat Bombaugmire!
Demonic Detractor Demonic Detractor 1.96
Defeat Rhassago!
Demented Dancer Demented Dancer 1.96
Defeat Ballon!
Distressing Demigod Distressing Demigod 1.98
Defeat Vurrus!
Unstable Undead Unstable Undead 1.98
Defeat Nash!
Cruel Creation Cruel Creation 1.98
Defeat the Puer Ultimum!
Stay at Home Stay at Home 1.99
Get the 'Home' Ending
Into the Workforce Into the Workforce 1.99
Get the 'City' Ending
Sunset Sunset 1.98
Get the 'Satellite' Ending
From Beyond the Garden... From Beyond the Garden... 1.99
Get the Secret Ending
Darkness... Darkness... 1.99
Find Blackout Roke
Don't touch my stuff. Don't touch my stuff. 1.84
Snoop Around
Skinwalker Skinwalker 1.99
Never heard from again...
Chiptune Chiptune 1.96
Play to Win
Redacted Redacted 1.95
Read the Files
Ancient and Abandoned... Ancient and Abandoned... 2.45
Recruit Enoch!
Darkness Beckons Darkness Beckons 2.46
Make a sacrifice...
Server Shutdown Server Shutdown 2.45
Defeat Receptaculum!
The Feel... The Feel... 3.31
Kill the Feeling.

Achievement Stats 1.21
Executed 3 queries
651.38 KiB memory usage
20 crawler available

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