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Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Novice detective Novice detective 0.96
Become a detective
Novice diplomat Novice diplomat 1.16
Become a diplomat
Hazards of the trade Hazards of the trade 1.16
Be disfigured by Gerard von Borchert
Fantastic pair Fantastic pair 0.78
Get rid of Gerard von Borchert with your mother
The new order The new order 0.94
Choose to stay with George Washington and Emily Hillsborrow
Son of Lafayette Son of Lafayette 0.92
Assist George Washington
Forbidden fruit Forbidden fruit 1.18
Join Emily Hillsborrow in your room
Quick Quick 0.92
In the same game, choose 20 answers before the time is up
Out of breath Out of breath 0.93
Drop to 0 effort points during a quest
Missi Dominici Missi Dominici 0.82
Persuade Cardinal Piaggi to give you the letter
Close call Close call 1.03
Avoid being used as a punchbag by Jacques Péru
Motherly embrace Motherly embrace 0.96
Manage to get Elizabeth Adams to talk about her past
Imperial nobility Imperial nobility 0.99
Persuade Napoleon that he can trust you
Your suspiscious mind Your suspiscious mind 0.97
Draw Emily Hillsborrow's secret out of her
Sweet dreams Sweet dreams 0.87
Complete the first quest
Rough night Rough night 0.90
Complete the second quest
Important people Important people 0.93
Complete the third quest
Once upon a time... Once upon a time... 0.95
Complete episode 1
Jack-of-all-trades Jack-of-all-trades 0.97
Acquire ten skills of level 1 during episode 1
Battle-hardened Battle-hardened 0.95
Reach level 5 in episode 1
Cicero Cicero 1.01
Overcome 5 confrontations in episode 1
Novice occultist Novice occultist 1.13
Become an occultist
Ancien Régime Ancien Régime 1.16
Choose to follow Lord Holm and Cardinal Piaggi
Seeker of truth Seeker of truth 1.31
Conduct the investigation about your vision
Knight in shiny armor Knight in shiny armor 1.05
Accept to follow Elizabeth Adams
Sober Sober 1.00
Complete a quest without using consumables
Starter, main dish and coffee Starter, main dish and coffee 1.36
Use exactly one consumable of each type during a quest
Eyes don't lie Eyes don't lie 1.33
Convince Emily Hillsborrow of the purity of your intentions when she surprises you in her room
Specialist Specialist 1.18
Raise a skill to level 3
Fearless Fearless 1.13
Open Pandora's box
A Tragic Fate A Tragic Fate 1.06
Complete the fifth quest
The Nightmare The Nightmare 1.09
Complete the sixth quest
Into the lion's den Into the lion's den 1.10
Complete episode 2
Dangerous stakes Dangerous stakes 1.13
Complete the eighth quest
Double game Double game 1.14
Complete the ninth quest
The hand of Týr The hand of Týr 1.15
Complete episode 3
Leap of Faith Leap of Faith 1.17
Complete the eleventh quest
New Blood New Blood 1.17
Complete the twelfth quest
Welcome to the family Welcome to the family 1.19
Complete episode 4
Final Vote Final Vote 1.20
Complete the fourteenth quest
Mind Maze Mind Maze 1.20
Complete the fifteenth quest
Carrion Comfort Carrion Comfort 1.20
Complete the story

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