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Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Fly like a G6 Fly like a G6 0.65
Get 10 Combos in a game
Hello, World ! Hello, World ! 0.37
First game play
I'm back I'm back 0.56
Reconnect the game
That was fun! That was fun! 0.61
First match done
The beginning of a Legend The beginning of a Legend 0.74
First win
Double Kill Double Kill 0.77
2 kills in a row
Gotcha Gotcha 0.92
First Blood!!
I'm a Suicider I'm a Suicider 0.70
First Suicide
Wanna play Monopoly? Wanna play Monopoly? 1.70
Accumulate Occupy points
Now, I Know something Now, I Know something 0.88
Accumulate 5 Gameplays
It's just a Beginning It's just a Beginning 0.94
Accumulate 3 Wins
I'm Good and I Know it I'm Good and I Know it 1.23
Accumulate 100 Kills
Take one step back to go two steps forward Take one step back to go two steps forward 1.03
Accumulate 50 Deaths
Like a Boss Like a Boss 1.51
Get 30 kills in a game
Dragon Princess Dragon Princess 1.85
Get 10 wins with Valle
Sharp shooter Assasin Sharp shooter Assasin 1.75
Get 10 wins with Renoah
Cool beauty Cool beauty 1.88
Get 10 wins with Renny Glacier
Dwarven 'Symbol' hero Dwarven 'Symbol' hero 2.05
Get 10 wins with Dic
Hedge dealer Hedge dealer 1.84
Get 10 wins with Elika
Fallen Elvish general Fallen Elvish general 1.81
Get 10 wins with Elrath
Vile Genius Vile Genius 1.97
Get 10 wins with Gaspar
Giant Samurai Giant Samurai 2.04
Get 10 wins with Danmei
The Hedonist The Hedonist 2.01
Get 10 wins with Tiac
Mercurial Lich Mercurial Lich 2.00
Get 10 wins with Cezanne
Flame dancer Flame dancer 1.91
Get 10 wins with Renny Flame
Sacred Guardian of Kubera Sacred Guardian of Kubera 2.02
Get 10 wins with Sewon
Get used to this Get used to this 1.26
Reach 10 wins
I bring good luck I bring good luck 1.92
Reach 100 wins
The Legend The Legend 2.19
Reach 1000 wins
Mom, I made it Mom, I made it 0.82
Accumulate 10 kills
Became a Professional Killer Became a Professional Killer 1.90
Accumulate 1000 kills
Combo Master Combo Master 2.00
Reach 100 combos
Expert of Netherdale Expert of Netherdale 1.76
Play Netherdale map 10 times
Master of Netherdale Master of Netherdale 2.12
Play Netherdale map 50 times
God of Netherdale God of Netherdale 2.16
Play Netherdale map 100 times
Expert of Undersiege Expert of Undersiege 1.83
Play Undersiege map 10 times
Master of Undersiege Master of Undersiege 2.11
Play Undersiege map 50 times
God of Undersiege God of Undersiege 2.18
Play Undersiege map 100 times
Expert of Naga's pit Expert of Naga's pit 1.56
Play Naga's pit map 10 times
Master of Naga's pit Master of Naga's pit 2.00
Play Naga's pit map 50 times
God of Naga's pit God of Naga's pit 2.13
Play Naga's pit map 100 times
Expert of Steamcanal Expert of Steamcanal 1.45
Play Steamcanal map 10 times
Master of Steamcanal Master of Steamcanal 1.90
Play Steamcanal map 50 times
God of Steamcanal God of Steamcanal 2.00
Play Steamcanal map 100 times
Chain Kill Chain Kill 0.97
3 kills in a row
Multi Kill Multi Kill 1.25
4 kills in a row
Massacre Massacre 1.80
6 kills in a row
Killing Spree Killing Spree 1.54
5 kills in a row
Expert of Altar Expert of Altar 1.65
Play Altar of War map 10 times
Master of Altar Master of Altar 2.00
Play Altar of War map 50 times
God of Altar God of Altar 2.08
Play Altar of War map 100 times
Don't call me a noob! Don't call me a noob! 0.52
Complete the tutorial
Excutioner Excutioner 0.78
Get 2 kills without death
Epic Hero Epic Hero 0.88
Get 3 kills without death
Terminator Terminator 1.01
Get 4 kills without death
ArcheBlade ArcheBlade 1.13
Get 5 kills without death
God of war God of war 1.27
Get 6 kills without death
Most Valuable Valle (MVV) Most Valuable Valle (MVV) 1.67
Get MVP as Valle
Most Valuable Renoah (MVR) Most Valuable Renoah (MVR) 1.52
Get MVP as Renoah
Most Valuable Renny G (MVRG) Most Valuable Renny G (MVRG) 1.77
Get MVP as Renny Glacier
Most Valuable Dic (MVD) Most Valuable Dic (MVD) 1.94
Get MVP as Dic
Most Valuable Elika (MVE) Most Valuable Elika (MVE) 1.62
Get MVP as Elika
Most Valuable Elrath (MVER) Most Valuable Elrath (MVER) 1.70
Get MVP as Elrath
Most Valuable Gaspar (MVG) Most Valuable Gaspar (MVG) 1.82
Get MVP as Gaspar
Most Valuable Dan Mei (MVDM) Most Valuable Dan Mei (MVDM) 1.90
Get MVP as Dan Mei
Most Valuable Tiac (MVT) Most Valuable Tiac (MVT) 1.84
Get MVP as Tiac
Most Valuable Cezanne (MVC) Most Valuable Cezanne (MVC) 1.83
Get MVP as Cezanne
Most Valuable Renny Flame (MVRF) Most Valuable Renny Flame (MVRF) 1.81
Get MVP as Renny Flame
Most Valuable Sewon (MVS) Most Valuable Sewon (MVS) 1.97
Get MVP as Sewon
Most Valuable Ridika (MVRD) Most Valuable Ridika (MVRD) 1.67
Get MVP as Ridika
Where is Walson? Where is Walson? 1.72
Find the Walson
The Temptationer The Temptationer 1.90
Get 10 wins with Ridika
Vigilante of Elven Tribe Vigilante of Elven Tribe 1.96
Get 10 wins with Hyde
Most Valuable Hyde (MVH) Most Valuable Hyde (MVH) 1.76
Get MVP as Hyde
Expert of The Bridge Expert of The Bridge 1.64
Play The Bridge map 10 times
Master of The Bridge Master of The Bridge 2.06
Play The Bridge map 50 times
God of The Bridge God of The Bridge 2.15
Play The Bridge map 100 times

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