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Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Just Getting Started Just Getting Started 0.11
Kill 100 enemies or players.
Balaho's Most Wanted Balaho's Most Wanted 0.17
Kill 100 Grunts.
The One Percent The One Percent 0.26
Kill 100 Elites.
Spoilsport Spoilsport 0.28
Kill 100 Jackals.
Bite The Hand Bite The Hand 0.28
Kill a 343 developer in matchmaking or someone who has this achievement.
Where Am I? Where Am I? 0.20
Complete 10 missions or multiplayer games.
Tempered Blade Tempered Blade 0.54
Win 10 multiplayer games.
Stick With It...A Little Longer Stick With It...A Little Longer 0.24
Play a multiplayer or co-op game at least 3 months after your first game.
Your Journey Begins Your Journey Begins 0.08
Complete a campaign mission or a match of multiplayer.
Standard Operating Brocedure Standard Operating Brocedure 0.34
Complete any co-op level on Normal difficulty.
Brovershield Brovershield 0.42
Complete any co-op level on Heroic difficulty.
Bro Hammer Bro Hammer 0.57
Complete any co-op level on Legendary difficulty.
Game On Game On 0.45
Complete 50 missions or multiplayer games.
Just A Taste Just A Taste 0.31
Collect 500 campaign or playlist medals.
All Out of Bubblegum All Out of Bubblegum 0.40
Collect 1,000 campaign or playlist medals.
Life Story Life Story 1.95
Complete the Master Chief Saga playlist.
Going Bananas Going Bananas 0.42
Kill 100 Brutes.
Hunters Hunted Hunters Hunted 0.67
Kill 50 Hunters.
Checkmate Checkmate 1.34
Kill 100 Watchers.
I Was Wondering What Would Break First I Was Wondering What Would Break First 1.02
Kill 100 Knights.
Pest Control Pest Control 0.83
Kill 100 Crawlers.
Thanks A Killion Thanks A Killion 1.20
Kill 20,000 enemies or players.
Medal Completionist Medal Completionist 1.12
Collect 10,000 campaign or playlist medals.
The Guardians Are Coming The Guardians Are Coming 0.37
Get killed by the Guardians.
Mystery Achievement Mystery Achievement 1.45
Inscrutable. Mysterious.
I Got This I Got This 0.66
Complete 100 missions or multiplayer games.
Forged in Fire Forged in Fire 1.11
Win 100 multiplayer games.
Sample Plate Sample Plate 1.91
Complete three cross-game playlists.
I Dabble in Slaying I Dabble in Slaying 1.57
Complete one cross-game playlist.
Veteran Veteran 1.15
Complete all campaigns on Normal difficulty.
War Hero War Hero 1.40
Complete all campaigns on Heroic difficulty.
Legend Legend 1.61
Complete all campaigns on Legendary difficulty.
Lore Master Lore Master 1.77
Activate all terminals.
LASO Master LASO Master 2.24
Complete each individual game specific LASO playlist for every Halo game.
The Good, The Bad, and The Dead The Good, The Bad, and The Dead 1.07
Collect 9,000 campaign or playlist medals.
Delicious Brains Delicious Brains 0.46
Kill 100 Flood.
Zombie Repeller Zombie Repeller 0.66
Kill 1000 Flood.
Game Master Game Master 1.38
Created and saved 5 Custom Game types.
Master Forger Master Forger 1.35
Created and saved 5 Custom Maps in Forge.
A Pile of Medals A Pile of Medals 0.53
Collect 2,000 campaign or playlist medals.
A Crate of Medals A Crate of Medals 0.62
Collect 3,000 campaign or playlist medals.
A Heap of Medals A Heap of Medals 0.70
Collect 4,000 campaign or playlist medals.
A Few Trinkets A Few Trinkets 0.78
Collect 5,000 campaign or playlist medals.
Oh, These Baubles? Oh, These Baubles? 0.86
Collect 6,000 campaign or playlist medals.
Chesty Puller Starter Kit Chesty Puller Starter Kit 0.94
Collect 7,000 campaign or playlist medals.
Medal Master Chief Medal Master Chief 1.01
Collect 8,000 campaign or playlist medals.
Contender Contender 0.89
Win 50 multiplayer games.
In It To Win It In It To Win It 1.38
Win 200 multiplayer games.
Bonus Level Bonus Level 0.91
Complete 200 missions or multiplayer games.
Sharpshooter Sharpshooter 1.26
Win 150 multiplayer games.
Can't Put It Down Can't Put It Down 0.80
Complete 150 missions or multiplayer games.
Battle Hardened Battle Hardened 1.48
Win 250 multiplayer games.
Up All Night Up All Night 0.99
Complete 250 missions or multiplayer games.
Thermopylae Thermopylae 1.57
Win 300 multiplayer games.
Can't Get Enough Can't Get Enough 1.07
Complete 300 missions or multiplayer games.
Striking Fear in Their Hearts Striking Fear in Their Hearts 1.64
Win 350 multiplayer games.
Committed Committed 1.13
Complete 350 missions or multiplayer games.
Steady Aim Steady Aim 1.71
Win 400 multiplayer games.
Big Time Gamer Big Time Gamer 1.18
Complete 400 missions or multiplayer games.
Quick Trigger Finger Quick Trigger Finger 1.76
Win 450 multiplayer games.
Long Time Fan Long Time Fan 1.23
Complete 450 missions or multiplayer games.
Multiplayer Champion Multiplayer Champion 1.81
Win 500 multiplayer games.
The Long Haul The Long Haul 1.28
Complete 500 missions or multiplayer games.
Foe Hammer Foe Hammer 0.59
Kill 5,000 enemies or players.
Gruntageddon Gruntageddon 0.46
Kill 1000 Grunts.
Were It So Easy Were It So Easy 0.77
Kill 1000 Elites.
Scavenger Hunt Scavenger Hunt 0.77
Kill 1000 Jackals.
Dankey Kang Dankey Kang 0.93
Kill 1000 Brutes.
Wyrmslayer Wyrmslayer 1.53
Kill 250 Hunters.
Remove the Bishops From the Board Remove the Bishops From the Board 2.18
Kill 1000 Watchers.
Knightbane Knightbane 2.15
Kill 1000 Knights.
Dogcatcher Dogcatcher 1.67
Kill 1000 Crawlers.
Herald of the Reclamation Herald of the Reclamation 1.11
Complete all campaigns on Easy difficulty.
Nice Work Dawg! Nice Work Dawg! 1.98
Earn a total of 2,500 Assist medals in multiplayer.
Aim for the Head Aim for the Head 1.47
Earn a total of 2,500 Headshot medals in multiplayer.
Dim Mak Dim Mak 1.74
Earn a total of 250 Beat Down medals in multiplayer.
Domination Domination 1.99
Earn a total of 100 Legendary medals in matchmade games.
Double Trouble Double Trouble 1.07
Earn a total of 250 Double Kill medals in matchmade games.
Spree Master Spree Master 1.32
Earn a total of 100 Killing Spree medals in matchmade games.
Catch This Catch This 2.13
Earn a total of 500 Grenade Kill or Plasma Kill medals in matchmade games.
Party Pooper Party Pooper 1.77
Earn a total of 250 Killjoy medals in matchmade games.
Planting A Flag Planting A Flag 2.00
Earn a total of 250 CTF Mode Specific medals in matchmade games.
The True King The True King 2.10
Earn a total of 250 KOTH Mode Specific medals in matchmade games.
No Pain, No Gain No Pain, No Gain 1.63
Complete 1 mission with the LASO playlist skulls enabled.

Achievement Stats 1.22
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692.51 KiB memory usage
20 crawler available

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