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47.4 hours playing time on record

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Game Achievement Points Unlocked
A race against Time A race against Time 2.13 07/03/2022 00:45:49
Unlock Brownie
Second time's a charm Second time's a charm 2.03 06/21/2022 00:28:23
Beat the game on New Game Plus
Insurance Fraud Insurance Fraud 2.06 06/16/2022 01:30:15
Unlock Classic Dr. Fetus
Not a real doctor Not a real doctor 1.98 06/16/2022 01:07:38
Unlock Dr. Fetus
Buffer Overrun Buffer Overrun 1.87 05/31/2022 01:46:25
What even is this game? What even is this game? 2.01 05/27/2022 23:39:50
Unlock MZero
God Puncher God Puncher 1.50 05/26/2022 23:10:29
Beat Omega Alpha
Similar yet legally distinct Similar yet legally distinct 1.83 05/26/2022 22:20:24
Beat Every Warp Zone
We have a new champion! We have a new champion! 1.82 05/26/2022 02:43:22
Unlock Lil' Meat
Fetus Puncher Fetus Puncher 1.39 05/23/2022 22:54:52
Beat Dr Fetus
Punch Drunk Punch Drunk 1.32 05/23/2022 22:41:07
Punch 1000 things
Pink Bomber Pink Bomber 1.77 05/23/2022 01:04:09
Unlock Mega Bandage
I remember you I remember you 1.74 05/22/2022 02:31:36
Unlock Classic Boy and Classic Girl
Door Puncher Door Puncher 1.29 05/21/2022 04:02:48
Beat The Lab Guardian
Green Screen Hero Green Screen Hero 1.66 05/21/2022 03:41:38
Unlock Meatsona
Brain Puncher Brain Puncher 1.18 05/19/2022 00:58:41
Beat Manic
2014 2014 1.31 05/18/2022 00:08:48
Unlock Prototype Boy
Machine Puncher Machine Puncher 0.98 05/17/2022 02:32:20
Beat Big Slugger
The key to it all The key to it all 1.07 05/17/2022 02:20:59
Find 1 Pacifier
Looks familiar Looks familiar 1.29 05/15/2022 01:13:50
Find 1 Warp Zone

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Oak Boy Oak Boy 1.94
Beat Chipper Grove Light World without dying
Straight Jacket Girl Straight Jacket Girl 2.07
Beat The Clinic Light World without dying
Vaccine Boy Vaccine Boy 2.13
Beat Tetanus City LIght World without dying
Research Girl Research Girl 2.23
Beat The Lab Light World without dying
Dilation Boy Dilation Boy 2.21
Beat The Other Side Light World without dying
Page Fault Page Fault 2.31
Beat 0xDEADBEEF without dying
Teak Girl Teak Girl 2.23
Beat Chipper Grove Dark World without dying
Psychopharmacology Boy Psychopharmacology Boy 2.26
Beat The Clinic Dark World without dying
Lock Jaw Girl Lock Jaw Girl 2.26
Beat Tetanus City Dark World without dying
Development Boy Development Boy 2.28
Beat The Lab Dark World without dying
Heat Death Girl Heat Death Girl 2.31
Beat The Other Side Dark World without dying
S has come to S has come to 2.19
Unlock Squirrel
Golden God! Golden God! 2.23
Beat the game completely
Afraid no more Afraid no more 2.19
Unlock Manic
For the vegans For the vegans 2.19
Unlock Tofu Boy
Relationship Goals Relationship Goals 2.26
Unlock the ultimate couple

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