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Game Achievement Points Unlocked
Lyre lyre pants on fyre Lyre lyre pants on fyre 1.49 09/19/2023 17:42:39
Find a way to mess with the ritual
D4RK V0L3P41N D4RK V0L3P41N 1.57 09/19/2023 17:25:01
Spare the end of the world to one of your friends
Be kind to monsters Be kind to monsters 1.04 09/19/2023 16:16:50
Dispatch 6 infested without killing them in a single fight
Pacifist fanatic Pacifist fanatic 1.19 09/19/2023 13:54:34
Get sent to high security prison without blood on your hands
Stronk Stronk 1.04 09/19/2023 12:48:06
Get a much stronger envoy of the Council
Elephant in the room Elephant in the room 0.67 09/18/2023 05:29:15
Work with the Council of Mothers
Blind as a bat Blind as a bat 1.13 09/18/2023 05:27:43
Dupe Lady Katell
You sssaved me You sssaved me 0.80 09/18/2023 04:45:59
Save the snake thief 3 times
Sneak in, sneak out Sneak in, sneak out 0.78 09/18/2023 04:17:30
Free Léo from prison without triggering the alarm
Is this the end? Is this the end? 0.88 09/17/2023 16:40:19
Finish the third chapter
A gift horse A gift horse 0.93 09/17/2023 16:38:35
Explore the sacred temple
Aboard the Sea Bird Aboard the Sea Bird 0.81 09/16/2023 16:36:19
Finish the second chapter
Say hello to my little friends Say hello to my little friends 0.89 09/16/2023 16:31:07
Have 6 creatures on your side in a single confrontation
Dark and stinky Dark and stinky 0.81 09/16/2023 16:17:19
Cook the best turtle meal
Money talks Money talks 1.37 09/16/2023 15:05:10
Spend at least 10 gold in a single confrontation
Pieces of eight! Pieces of eight! 0.60 09/16/2023 14:38:03
Sail the seas
Isenburg's Fall Isenburg's Fall 0.52 09/14/2023 01:47:15
Finish the first chapter
Caged tiger Caged tiger 0.36 09/13/2023 14:28:41
Save your best friend
Gorilla warfare Gorilla warfare 0.45 09/13/2023 13:33:56
Fight for the miners

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
The Medium Place The Medium Place 1.97
Live a long life of regrets
Meet your maker Meet your maker 1.23
She came back from the void
The Good Place The Good Place 1.23
And all was well
The Bad Place The Bad Place 1.32
Partake in the destruction of the world
Super Moth Boy Super Moth Boy 1.23
He was there all along!
Heal thyself Heal thyself 1.02
Don't become a murderer
Welcome to Forte Ailes Welcome to Forte Ailes 1.13
Volepainses everywhere
The pelican brief The pelican brief 1.19
Defend Pattenbois in a perfect trial
Trial by combat Trial by combat 1.43
Let the gods decide if Pattenbois is guilty
One shot blade One shot blade 1.57
Get your hands on the ultimate weapon
A grave matter A grave matter 1.43
Show someone their own grave
Gotcha Gotcha 1.07
Capture Hector alive
Squid Game Squid Game 1.57
Prevent Isabeau's assassination
A bard day's night A bard day's night 1.32
Make the bard sing his dirtiest song ever
It's not cheating It's not cheating 1.19
Defeat the trial of the chain without using a blade
Double trouble Double trouble 1.13
Get the two rapiers without killing their owners
Family reunion Family reunion 1.57
Reunite a brother and a sister who have not seen each other for a looooong time...
Peaceful protest Peaceful protest 1.32
Lead The Rebellion without anyone in the graveyard
Save it for a Rainier day Save it for a Rainier day 1.49
Make Rainier abandon just using your Fame
Invulnerable Invulnerable 1.97
Get one of your character's health points to 18 or above
Force of nature Force of nature 1.80
Get one of your character's attack score to 6 or above
Done negotiating Done negotiating 1.97
Deal at least 4 damage with Deal Breaker

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