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Game Achievement Points Unlocked
Lucky Draw Lucky Draw 0.08 12/23/2020 17:57:38
Win at least a rare reward from the Arcade
Fun and Games Fun and Games 0.05 12/23/2020 17:57:19
Win an uncommon reward from the Arcade

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Santa's Little Menace Santa's Little Menace 0.57
Play 10 games as Nico (DLC 19)
A Hyper Bunny A Hyper Bunny 0.55
As Nico, use at least 5 hyper cards from other units during a match. (DLC 19)
Nico's Presents! Nico's Presents! 0.65
As Nico, use Present Thief to receive cards from Aru (DLC 19)
Working Dad Working Dad 0.59
Play 10 games as Arthur (DLC 19)
Welcome to the Toy Store Welcome to the Toy Store 0.62
As Arthur, set up 10 shops in 1 game (DLC 19)
Record Sales Record Sales 0.63
As Arthur, receive payments at least 15 times in 1 game (DLC 19)
Crossed Christmases Crossed Christmases 0.58
Complete the Crossed Christmases campaign (DLC 19)
Trophy Collector Trophy Collector 0.28
Gain a peculiar pet from the Pet Exchange

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