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Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Stage 1 Complete! Stage 1 Complete! 1.18
Complete the 1st stage.
Stage 2 Complete! Stage 2 Complete! 1.26
Complete the 2nd stage.
Stage 3 Complete! Stage 3 Complete! 1.31
Complete the 3rd stage.
Stage 4 Complete! Stage 4 Complete! 1.35
Complete the 4th stage.
Stage 5 Complete! Stage 5 Complete! 1.38
Complete the 5th stage.
Stage 6 Complete! Stage 6 Complete! 1.40
Complete the 6th stage.
Stage 7 Complete! Stage 7 Complete! 1.42
Complete the 7th stage.
Stage 8 Complete! Stage 8 Complete! 1.43
Complete the 8th stage.
You Win! You Win! 1.43
Complete adventure mode.
Super-Combo Super-Combo 1.07
Get a 10 card combo.
Quick Draw Quick Draw 1.13
Complete a perfect hand in under one minute.
Perfect Perfect 1.13
Get 20 perfects.
Challenge Accepted Challenge Accepted 1.69
Complete all challenge locations.
Powerful Powerful 1.33
Buy half of the FaeLand powerups.
Magical Magical 1.51
Buy all of the FaeLand powerups.
Wealthy Wealthy 1.24
Earn 100,000 pure in all.
Hatchling Hatchling 1.15
Hatch your first pet.
Complete Hatchery Complete Hatchery 1.63
Collect the baby form of each pet.
Carder Carder 1.41
Play a total of 10,000 cards.
World Traveler World Traveler 1.43
Play a hand on every stage.
Fiery Fiery 1.20
Melt 20 ice walls.
Thorn Bane Thorn Bane 1.29
Destroy 20 thorn plants.
Aura Blast Aura Blast 1.38
Destroy 10 cards using the Aura Ring.
Gold Star Gold Star 1.34
Get 100 perfects.
Affluent Affluent 1.40
Earn 500,000 pure in total.
Rich Rich 1.57
Earn 1,000,000 pure in total.
High Combo High Combo 1.29
Get 20 card combo.
Hexionist Hexionist 1.06
Get six perfects in one location.
Perfectionist Perfectionist 1.23
Get nine perfects in one location.
Complete Bestiary Complete Bestiary 1.76
Collect each pet's adult form.

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639.34 KiB memory usage
20 crawler available

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