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0.4 hours playing time on record

Game Achievement Points Unlocked
Bye Frogs Bye Frogs 0.26 01/10/2016 17:13:22
Beat the first area
Careful Descent Careful Descent 0.22 01/10/2016 16:57:52
Complete a level without taking damage

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Bye Ghosts Bye Ghosts 0.57
Beat the second area
Bye Squids Bye Squids 0.83
Beat the third area
Bye Stuff Bye Stuff 0.97
Beat the fourth area
Wow Combo Wow Combo 0.44
Land a 10 combo
Whoa Combo Whoa Combo 0.80
Land a 30 combo
Sugoi Combo Sugoi Combo 1.16
Land a 100 combo
Time Never Stops Time Never Stops 0.27
Complete a level without visiting siderooms
Pacifist Pacifist 0.89
Complete a level without killing any enemy
Mottainai Mottainai 0.61
Complete a level without shooting
Saving Up Saving Up 1.06
Have more than 3000 gems
Bye Well Bye Well 1.14
Beat the boss
So Many Frogs So Many Frogs 1.26
Beat the first area (hard mode)
So Many Ghosts So Many Ghosts 1.37
Beat the second area (hard mode)
So Many Squids So Many Squids 1.44
Beat the third area (hard mode)
So Much Stuff So Much Stuff 1.52
Beat the fourth area (hard mode)
Well Master Well Master 1.59
Beat the boss (hard mode)
Ground Allergy Ground Allergy 1.06
Complete a level without landing
Frugality Frugality 1.37
Have more than 5000 gems

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20 crawler available

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