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3.7 hours playing time on record

Game Achievement Points Unlocked
No achievements available

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Intergalactic Critter Slayer Intergalactic Critter Slayer 1.87
Kill 200 Type A enemies
Competent Threat Hunter Competent Threat Hunter 2.36
Kill 100 Type B enemies
Grizzled Destroyer Of Aliens Grizzled Destroyer Of Aliens 2.70
Kill 50 Type C enemies
Scourge Of The Galaxy Scourge Of The Galaxy 3.00
Kill 10 Type D enemies
It's Better This Way It's Better This Way 2.02
Kill a zombified Deadnaut
Oh, You're Alive. That's Nice... Oh, You're Alive. That's Nice... 2.52
Rescue a captured Deadnaut
Do Not Disturb Do Not Disturb 1.40
Complete a mission without destroying a room
A Delicate Touch A Delicate Touch 3.00
Complete a campaign without destroying a room
Back In One Piece Back In One Piece 1.52
Complete a mission without losing a Deadnaut
The Untouchables The Untouchables 2.63
Complete a campaign without losing a Deadnaut
Send In The Clones Send In The Clones 3.00
Complete the last mission of a campaign with a crew of cloned Deadnauts
Ghost Ship Ghost Ship 2.70
Encounter the ghost of a deceased Deadnaut
Consummate Professionals Consummate Professionals 2.22
Complete a campaign with a rating of Excellent or better
Where'd You Go? Where'd You Go? 1.53
Teleport a Deadnaut to another room by entering a portal
Death By Sentinel Death By Sentinel 2.30
Kill 15 enemies using hacked Sentinels
Shoot It In The Head! Shoot It In The Head! 2.87
Complete a campaign featuring undead mutants
Terminate, With Extreme Prejudice Terminate, With Extreme Prejudice 2.87
Complete a campaign featuring enhanced soldiers with firearms
Game Over, Man! Game Over! Game Over, Man! Game Over! 2.87
Complete a campaign featuring portals and fast-moving aliens
R'lyeh Wgah'nagl Fhtagn! R'lyeh Wgah'nagl Fhtagn! 2.25
Complete a campaign featuring madmen or horrors
Total Protonic Reversal Total Protonic Reversal 2.52
Complete a campaign featuring incorporeal entities
Sole Survivor Sole Survivor 2.87
Start and complete a mission with a single Deadnaut
Master Of Unlocking Master Of Unlocking 3.18
Unlock all campaign modes
Lieutenant Ripley's Believe It Or Not Lieutenant Ripley's Believe It Or Not 3.18
Complete a campaign on Extreme difficulty

Achievement Stats 1.21
Executed 3 queries
634.97 KiB memory usage
20 crawler available

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