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6.8 hours playing time on record

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Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Stay on These Roads Stay on These Roads 1.79
Complete 50 clean laps in Quick Race mode.
Pole Position Pole Position 1.88
Take 10 poles in Quick Race mode.
Points Mean Prizes Points Mean Prizes 1.86
Score 75 Constructors' Championship points in Quick Race mode.
Pack Leader Pack Leader 1.89
Stay out in 1st place for 150 laps in Quick Race mode.
It's All about Time It's All about Time 1.87
Spend 180 minutes in total track time at Silverstone.
Putting in the Laps Putting in the Laps 1.85
Complete 200 laps in Quick Race mode.
Stirling Job Stirling Job 1.85
Win 3 races at Monaco in Quick Race mode.
One Aim One Aim 1.37
Meet or exceed a race objective given to you from the team in Championship Season.
Pole Sitter Pole Sitter 1.32
Take pole position in Championship Season.
1, 2, 3, Podium 1, 2, 3, Podium 1.36
Get a podium in Championship Season.
Clean Club Clean Club 1.57
Complete a Championship Season race without colliding with another car or object.
Me, Myself and I Me, Myself and I 1.33
Finish ahead of your team mate in a practice session in Championship Season.
Pole Trophy Pole Trophy 1.76
Achieve the most poles within a Championship Season.
Champion Champion 1.74
Win the Drivers' Championship in Championship Season on any difficulty.
Construction Time Construction Time 1.78
Win the Constructors' Championship in Championship Season on any difficulty.
Elementary, My Dear Watson Elementary, My Dear Watson 1.85
Win the race from 22nd place on the grid in the 2014 Championship Season.
Master and Commander Master and Commander 1.78
Get 14 wins in a single Championship Season to beat Michael Schumacher's record of 13 wins.
Grand Slam Grand Slam 1.58
Take pole, win the race, set the fastest lap and lead every lap in a Championship Season weekend.
Super Monaco Super Monaco 1.93
Drive a total of 78 laps at Monaco in Pro Season mode.
Hard Times Hard Times 1.94
Complete a race in Pro Season mode.
Easier than Expected? Easier than Expected? 1.94
Place in the top 16 in qualifying in Pro Season mode 5 times.
Boiling Point Boiling Point 1.81
Reach 100 points in an online championship.
Online Winner Online Winner 1.55
Win an online race.
Just the Beginning Just the Beginning 1.73
Complete an online race in the Beginner Hopper.
Standard-Bearer Standard-Bearer 1.74
Complete an online race in the Standard Hopper.
Hard-Boiled Hard-Boiled 1.89
Complete an online race in the Hardcore Hopper.
Number 5 Number 5 1.64
Complete 5 online races.
Online Pony Online Pony 1.84
Complete 25 online races.
Multiplicity Multiplicity 1.90
Complete 50 online races.
One with the Car One with the Car 1.44
Set a time at a Time Trial Event.
Keep It Clean Keep It Clean 1.73
Set a lap time at 5 different circuits in Time Trial in the dry.
Wet Wet Wet Wet Wet Wet 1.84
Set a lap time at 5 different circuits in Time Trial in the wet.
Sweet Dreams Sweet Dreams 1.89
Set 30 clean laps at Singapore in Time Trial.
Welcome to Russia Welcome to Russia 1.91
Set 50 clean laps at Sochi in Time Trial in a Marussia.
Phone Home Phone Home 1.89
Set 50 clean laps at the Red Bull Ring in a Red Bull in Time Trial.
Sauber Wolf Sauber Wolf 1.89
Set 50 clean laps in a Sauber on any track in Time Trial.
William the Conqueror William the Conqueror 1.89
Set 50 clean laps in a Williams on any track in Time Trial.
Ticket to Ride Ticket to Ride 1.86
Set 100 clean laps in Time Trial on any combination of tracks.
Clean Sweep Clean Sweep 1.87
Set a clean lap time for all circuits in Time Trial.
Three of a Kind Three of a Kind 1.81
Win a race in Quick Race, Championship Season and Multiplayer mode.
Total Recall Total Recall 1.57
Load a Mid-Session Save.
Final Lap Heroics Final Lap Heroics 1.67
Win a race on the final lap, coming from behind.
Continental Circus Continental Circus 1.75
Drive at least 20 laps on a track in each continent, in any game mode.
The Final Countdown The Final Countdown 1.85
Drive 500 laps on European tracks in any game mode.
F1 Super Hero F1 Super Hero 1.65
Spend at least 600 minutes out on track.

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