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4.3 hours playing time on record

Game Achievement Points Unlocked
Cat's Out of the Bag Cat's Out of the Bag 0.71 09/11/2018 04:26:41
Clear the 11:00 time block.
Welcome to Shibuya Welcome to Shibuya 0.59 09/09/2018 22:23:25
Clear the 10:00 time block.
Bad Times, 10:00 Block Bad Times, 10:00 Block 0.90 09/09/2018 22:17:58
View all bad endings in the 10:00 time block.

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Honorary S.O.S. Member Honorary S.O.S. Member 1.22
Acquire all trophies
The Worst is Over The Worst is Over 1.15
View all bad endings.
The Solitary Serpent The Solitary Serpent 1.06
Finish the
Final Curtain Final Curtain 0.92
View the true ending.
The Three R's The Three R's 1.18
Finish the 'Mean Clean' scenario.
Cry for Help Cry for Help 1.22
Finish the 'Conspiracy' scenario.
They Walk Among Us They Walk Among Us 1.22
Finish the 'True Conspiracy' scenario.
Bad Times, 11:00 Block Bad Times, 11:00 Block 1.05
View all bad endings in the 11:00 time block.
Bad Times, 12:00 Block Bad Times, 12:00 Block 1.07
View all bad endings in the 12:00 time block.
Bad Times, 13:00 Block Bad Times, 13:00 Block 1.10
View all bad endings in the 13:00 time block.
Bad Times, 14:00 Block Bad Times, 14:00 Block 1.12
View all bad endings in the 14:00 time block.
Bad Times, 15:00 Block Bad Times, 15:00 Block 1.10
View all bad endings in the 15:00 time block.
Bad Times, 16:00 Block Bad Times, 16:00 Block 1.13
View all bad endings in the 16:00 time block.
Bad Times, 17:00 Block Bad Times, 17:00 Block 0.97
View all bad endings in the 17:00 time block.
Bad Times, 18:00 Block Bad Times, 18:00 Block 1.15
View all bad endings in the 18:00 time block.
The End? The End? 0.87
View the normal ending.
Heartbeat of Spring Heartbeat of Spring 1.06
Finish the
Shibuya Side Stories Shibuya Side Stories 1.20
Unlock all Special Episodes.
Who Can You Trust? Who Can You Trust? 0.77
Clear the 12:00 time block.
Deadly Preposition Deadly Preposition 0.79
Clear the 13:00 time block.
Infection Infection 0.81
Clear the 14:00 time block.
Choice and Sacrifice Choice and Sacrifice 0.82
Clear the 15:00 time block.
Running Out of Time Running Out of Time 0.83
Clear the 16:00 time block.
Shibuya Scramble Shibuya Scramble 0.84
Clear the 17:00 time block.

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20 crawler available

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