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Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Alone In The Storm Alone In The Storm 0.79
Finish the Girl Scene
Fragments of Pain Fragments of Pain 0.80
Find a hidden Pain Crystal
Slow Descent Slow Descent 0.83
Finish the Old Man Scene
Nine Lives Nine Lives 0.98
Save the cat from the hunter
A Thorny End A Thorny End 0.86
Defeat the first hunter.
Meet the Storyteller Meet the Storyteller 0.92
Listen to the Storyteller's first tale.
A Friend In Me A Friend In Me 0.92
Find the rabbit.
Cookie Monster Cookie Monster 0.97
Get the Cookies.
We're All Quite Mad Here We're All Quite Mad Here 0.98
Host a Tea Party!
Arachnophobia Arachnophobia 0.94
Enter the mines.
Pain for a pain Pain for a pain 1.59
Kill all jumpers.
The Fountain The Fountain 1.01
Discover the fountain.
Hidden Rooms Hidden Rooms 1.01
Discover what's in the attic.
Chatty Passenger Chatty Passenger 1.69
Listen to all the rabbit's comments.
Duly Noted Duly Noted 1.95
Find all the notes.
Epilogue Epilogue 1.42
Listen to all the Storyteller's tales.
Have you seen him? Have you seen him? 1.59
Talk to the cats when their sibling is dead.
World of Entangled Stories World of Entangled Stories 1.59
Talk to the cats when their sibling is alive.
Pain Collector Pain Collector 1.95
Collect all the Pain Crystals.
A Tale about Love A Tale about Love 1.15
Finish the final scene.
Brave Soldier Brave Soldier 1.83
Complete the castle scene without taking damage.
Through the Flames Through the Flames 1.96
Complete the fire scene without taking damage.
Damp Survivor Damp Survivor 1.97
Complete the swamp scene without taking damage.
Slippery Slope Slippery Slope 1.99
Complete the Slime Pit scene without taking damage.
Out in the Cold Out in the Cold 1.73
Complete the Snow scene without taking damage.
Black Heart Black Heart 1.62
Kill all enemies as the Knight.
Survivor Survivor 2.06
Zero deaths as the wanderer.
Avoid Pain Avoid Pain 2.08
Play without collecting any pain.
Gain all the achievements.

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638.22 KiB memory usage
20 crawler available

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