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1127.2 hours playing time on record

Game Achievement Points Unlocked
That Time I Accidentally KO'd the Demon Lord That Time I Accidentally KO'd the Demon Lord 2.62 03/03/2021 18:09:37
Defeat the invader in less than 5 chapters after it appears in Bounty Hunt.
My Bodyguard May Be Clumsy But They Are Secretly the Strongest My Bodyguard May Be Clumsy But They Are Secretly the Strongest 2.75 03/01/2021 16:09:16
Have your Guardian defeat a hard Bounty in Bounty Hunt mode.
How to Become a Max Level Bounty Hunter in the Starting Village How to Become a Max Level Bounty Hunter in the Starting Village 2.79 03/01/2021 15:59:38
Defeat 1 of each Bounty monster in a match of Bounty Hunt.
Other World Deliveryman Other World Deliveryman 2.52 02/26/2021 19:15:51
Win after completing 10 or more Quests in one game of Bounty Hunt.
Mama Knows Best Mama Knows Best 1.97 12/27/2019 18:44:28
As Mio, KO Tomomo 3 times in the same game.
A Magical BBQ A Magical BBQ 1.94 12/27/2019 17:44:28
As Mio, KO all other players using one Magical Inferno.
Master of the Minions Master of the Minions 1.93 12/25/2019 09:17:59
Play 10 games as Mio
Redemption Story Redemption Story 1.96 12/24/2019 19:07:25
Defeat RoPoChi on Hyper difficulty using only any combination of Poppo, Chicken, Seagull, Robo Ball and QP.
Big Po's Special Big Po's Special 1.84 12/22/2019 11:44:20
Defeat RoPoChi on Hyper difficulty.
A Big Mix-up A Big Mix-up 1.63 12/15/2019 11:17:16
Defeat RoPoChi.
Who Flies Highest Who Flies Highest 1.84 08/17/2019 06:22:34
Defeat Big the Jonathan on Hyper difficulty.
Creatures of Excellence Creatures of Excellence 1.62 08/15/2019 02:05:26
Defeat Big the Jonathan.
Summer Games Summer Games 1.87 07/27/2019 03:00:12
Reach level 10 as Dealer.
Total Rampage Total Rampage 1.94 07/24/2019 21:06:43
Defeat Summer Beast on Hyper difficulty after 3 or more Rampage.
A Midsummer Night's Dream A Midsummer Night's Dream 1.81 07/20/2019 16:10:01
Defeat Summer Beast on Hyper difficulty.
Fun in the Sun Fun in the Sun 1.59 07/13/2019 21:43:18
Defeat Summer Beast.
Poppoception Poppoception 1.90 07/05/2019 16:00:02
Which one is real?
Can Always Go Faster Can Always Go Faster 1.83 06/30/2019 19:48:06
Even the sky is no limit.
Twilight of the Beasts Twilight of the Beasts 1.84 06/28/2019 16:58:20
Sate an inquenchable bloodthirst.
A Perfect Maneuver A Perfect Maneuver 1.81 06/26/2019 19:05:34
For once, all those modifications paid off.
Pranked Pranked 1.76 06/26/2019 18:25:47
Waruda pulled a fast one!
Sticky Fingers Sticky Fingers 1.90 06/26/2019 18:16:15
Popoppo po!
Value Judgment Value Judgment 1.84 05/26/2019 15:47:45
Defeat Star Devourer on Hyper Difficulty without using any characters with a positive Attack value.
Death and Taxes Death and Taxes 1.78 05/26/2019 15:47:44
Defeat Star Devourer on Hyper difficulty
Star Mania Star Mania 1.55 05/25/2019 23:32:29
Defeat Star Devourer
Taste of Revenge Taste of Revenge 1.79 05/22/2019 00:49:20
Reach level 10 as Avenger
Efficiency Theory Efficiency Theory 1.82 05/21/2019 23:15:42
Defeat M10 Robot on Hyper difficulty without dealing any damage to it outside combat.
Imaginary Numbers Imaginary Numbers 1.77 05/21/2019 23:15:41
Defeat M10 Robot on Hyper Difficulty
Malfunction Malfunction 1.53 05/19/2019 18:37:46
Defeat M10 Robot
Steady Does it Steady Does it 1.79 05/19/2019 10:19:39
Reach level 10 as Guardian
Just a Small Scratch Just a Small Scratch 1.75 05/19/2019 02:44:50
Reach level 10 as Supporter
Animal Farm Animal Farm 1.85 05/18/2019 00:17:08
Defeat Big the Haruo on Hyper difficulty without taking out more than 2 of its minions.
Savage Talons Savage Talons 1.75 05/17/2019 21:36:13
Defeat Big the Haruo on Hyper difficulty
Power Through Power Through 1.64 05/17/2019 06:51:34
Reach level 10 as Attacker
Roost Roost 1.41 05/16/2019 21:38:30
Defeat Big the Haruo
Big, Bigger, Po Big, Bigger, Po 1.73 11/30/2018 14:51:47
KO Big Poppo
100% Orange Juice 100% Orange Juice 1.68 11/30/2018 14:51:47
Complete Every Non-DLC Achievement in 100% Orange Juice
Power Overwhelming Power Overwhelming 1.83 11/14/2018 05:28:52
Use Price of Power to play a card at least 2 levels above your level
Card Sage Card Sage 1.45 11/09/2018 20:53:21
Reach 100% Card Binder Completion
Riding the Blast Wave Riding the Blast Wave 1.46 11/09/2018 04:17:19
A cinematic experience
Priceless Treasure Priceless Treasure 1.72 11/08/2018 22:44:50
Pick up 3 Hyper treasures in one game.
Your Home Is My Home Your Home Is My Home 1.33 11/08/2018 18:50:24
Win a Game Without Visiting Your Home Base
Finding Friends Finding Friends 1.79 11/08/2018 04:23:49
KO 3 players in one game while carrying Lost Child
Poppo Stole the Precious Things Poppo Stole the Precious Things 1.62 11/08/2018 04:01:55
Steal 2+ cards with one Treasure Thief
Fair Trade Fair Trade 1.24 11/08/2018 01:28:08
Use an Exchange Card with Beneficial Results
Extortion Extortion 1.77 11/07/2018 23:03:27
Steal 50+ stars in one battle using the Dark Side of Business
The Girl Who Stole the Stars The Girl Who Stole the Stars 1.21 11/06/2018 17:48:45
Steal 50 Stars from An Enemy with Ubiquitous
Battle Master Battle Master 1.41 11/05/2018 17:04:20
Get 21 Win Points in a Single Game
Bounty Hunter Bounty Hunter 1.83 11/05/2018 15:58:06
KO 2 players afflicted with Wanted in one game
Starbound Starbound 1.30 11/04/2018 14:18:28
Hold 700 Stars at Once in a Match
Superstar Superstar 1.49 11/04/2018 02:18:16
Complete All Scenarios on Normal Difficulty or Higher
Poppo? Poppo? 1.49 11/04/2018 02:18:16
Complete the Extra Scenarios on Normal Difficulty or Higher
Vendetta Vendetta 1.39 11/03/2018 15:11:25
Defeat the Same Opponent 5 Times During Battles in a Single Game
Poppo Always Wins Poppo Always Wins 1.23 11/03/2018 14:56:19
Play 70 Games
Little Wars Little Wars 1.33 11/03/2018 12:33:21
Win 35 Games
Duelist Duelist 1.02 11/03/2018 12:33:21
Win a Game by Only Picking Battle Options
Card Shark Card Shark 1.22 11/03/2018 00:09:13
Reach 75% Card Binder Completion
Definite Defender Definite Defender 0.93 11/02/2018 19:33:03
Survive an Attack with an Offensive Roll of 9 or Higher
Turned Tables Turned Tables 1.14 11/02/2018 19:03:54
The hunter became the hunted
Mad Dash Mad Dash 0.93 11/02/2018 18:54:04
A maddening display of speed
Moving Castle in the Sky Moving Castle in the Sky 0.93 11/02/2018 15:14:05
Defeat the Castle Boss
Mimyuu's Hammer Mimyuu's Hammer 1.12 11/02/2018 12:28:20
Defeat 100 NPCs
A Little Aviator A Little Aviator 1.37 11/01/2018 23:24:49
Complete Marc's Scenario on Normal Difficulty or Higher
Hyper Hyper 1.33 11/01/2018 14:34:04
Complete Suguri's Scenario on Normal Difficulty or Higher
People Watching People Watching 1.37 11/01/2018 13:20:26
Acquire All Non-DLC Unit Cards
Some People Have All the Luck! Some People Have All the Luck! 0.85 11/01/2018 13:15:00
Fail the Final Revive Roll
Shiny! Shiny! 0.82 11/01/2018 12:48:10
Roll 10 or Higher on a Bonus Panel
Collector Collector 1.05 11/01/2018 09:45:08
Reach 50% Card Binder Completion
You Can Run... You Can Run... 0.77 11/01/2018 09:34:45
Defeat Each Opponent at Least Once in a Single Game
Pudding Chaser Pudding Chaser 1.31 11/01/2018 01:14:53
Complete QP's Scenario on Normal Difficulty or Higher
Banned for Life Banned for Life 0.73 11/01/2018 01:03:01
Defeat the Manager Boss
Tougher Than Diamond Tougher Than Diamond 1.36 10/31/2018 22:59:40
Win a Game Without Being KO'd on Any Field with Air Raid Event
Wild Party Wild Party 1.38 10/31/2018 18:38:16
Bring a Party to a home panel
Penny Pincher Penny Pincher 1.37 10/31/2018 16:48:18
Complete Kai's Scenario on Normal Difficulty or Higher
Unstoppable Unstoppable 0.75 10/31/2018 16:40:11
Defeat 5 Enemies in a Row Without Being KO'd
Nice Present Nice Present 0.79 10/31/2018 15:04:07
Get a Rare Card from Purchasing a Card Pack
Full Metal Brother Full Metal Brother 0.81 10/31/2018 11:19:30
Defeat the Boss Robot
Pacifist Pacifist 0.65 10/30/2018 17:44:41
Win a Game by Only Picking Collect Stars Options
And Away They Went And Away They Went 0.93 10/30/2018 17:34:59
Use a Trap to Prevent an Enemy Level-up
Not Playing with a Full Deck of Cards Not Playing with a Full Deck of Cards 0.61 10/30/2018 14:32:48
Attempt to Start a Game with Less than 10 Cards
Booster Pack Booster Pack 0.82 10/30/2018 14:25:17
Reach 25% Card Binder Completion

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Fighting the Windmills Fighting the Windmills 1.96
Survive 50 chapters against Big the Jonathan on Hyper difficulty.
The Memoirs of a Living Armor The Memoirs of a Living Armor 2.81
Purchase all the permanent power-ups in one game of Bounty Hunt.
A Famous Slime Slayer A Famous Slime Slayer 2.76
Win after gaining at least 20 Fame from Bounties in one game of Bounty Hunt.
Jackpot Jackpot 2.89
Roll a natural 7 three times in a row.
Decisive Rearming Decisive Rearming 2.97
Disarm a battle Hyper card with Deceptive Disarming.
Paid Overtime Paid Overtime 2.95
Travel 12 or more panels and complete the final Norma in the same turn using Overtime.
Monster Bird? Monster Bird? 2.97
Witness Haruo KO a player while under the effect of 3 or more Pet Snacks.
Home Crasher Home Crasher 2.97
Pick up a card from each home after Home Improvement was used.
Slick Moves Slick Moves 2.96
Slip on a BanaNana into another BanaNana.
Afloat Afloat 3.29
Defeat Swimming Coach.
Training Day Training Day 3.77
Defeat Swimming Coach on Hyper difficulty.
Rebellious Student Rebellious Student 3.91
Defeat Swimming Coach on Hyper difficulty without defeating any Goalpost minions.
Decorous Debutante Decorous Debutante 4.01
Play 10 games as Fernet (Noble) (DLC)
Money Talks Money Talks 4.01
Use your affluence to gain at least 150 stars. (DLC)
Hidden Potential Hidden Potential 4.01
As Fernet, put your full affluence on display.
Celestial Steps Celestial Steps 4.01
Play 10 games as Hime (Moonlight) (DLC)
Moonwalk Moonwalk 4.01
Use Dance in the Moonlit Night to KO an opponent during the full moon. (DLC)
Lunatic Princess Lunatic Princess 4.01
Defeat a full HP Boss while dancing in the moonlight. (DLC)

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