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12.4 hours playing time on record

Game Achievement Points Unlocked
You ruined Christmas You ruined Christmas 1.22 04/06/2022 01:53:22
Is there a worse time to fire someone?
Party 'til the party don't stop Party 'til the party don't stop 0.80 04/06/2022 01:01:38
Released 5 songs about partying
Put your soul into it Put your soul into it 0.73 04/06/2022 01:01:37
Released 5 R&B songs
Purely cosmetic Purely cosmetic 0.37 03/31/2022 04:40:30
Change an idol's appearance
We only hire the best We only hire the best 0.40 03/31/2022 04:38:37
Hire an expert staffer
Don't clip that! Don't clip that! 0.43 03/31/2022 03:41:17
That livestream could have gone better...
Business magnate Business magnate 0.50 03/31/2022 03:07:50
You've perfected the art of the deal
Fully staffed Fully staffed 0.32 03/31/2022 03:06:41
You're playing with a full team
Non-stop love song Non-stop love song 0.41 03/31/2022 02:52:29
Released 5 songs about love
Steamed hams Steamed hams 1.06 03/18/2022 01:13:44
They're actually grilled
Parfection! Parfection! 0.78 03/18/2022 00:36:41
I scream for some more
Hogging the glory Hogging the glory 0.41 03/18/2022 00:20:53
You deserve to take some of the credit
Cultural cross-pollination Cultural cross-pollination 0.47 03/18/2022 00:03:29
You brought your performance to an international audience
Daily special Daily special 0.71 03/17/2022 23:58:23
A unique dish for each day of the week
Udon't even know Udon't even know 0.84 03/17/2022 23:56:27
You'd probably fail a soba-riety test
Currying favor Currying favor 0.63 03/17/2022 23:55:58
A culinary classic
Giga-pancake Giga-pancake 0.78 03/17/2022 23:55:10
When does a pancake become a cake?
You know what else has layers? You know what else has layers? 1.05 03/17/2022 23:54:39
It's probably more appealing than an onion
Sweeter than vanilla Sweeter than vanilla 0.92 03/17/2022 23:54:08
I'll never dessert you...
Let's tako bout it Let's tako bout it 0.75 03/17/2022 23:53:38
It's tako time
Firm handshake Firm handshake 0.44 03/17/2022 23:49:26
You've done a wide variety of business deals
Selling votes Selling votes 0.51 03/17/2022 21:42:44
One CD, one ballot
Not gonna write you a love song Not gonna write you a love song 0.52 03/17/2022 21:29:29
You're unusually hard to hold onto
Starting something new Starting something new 0.47 03/17/2022 21:05:11
You created a sister group
Pennies on the dollar Pennies on the dollar 0.40 03/17/2022 21:01:37
Don't they deserve more than this?
Can you do me a favor? Can you do me a favor? 0.29 03/17/2022 20:58:29
You made someone's wish come true
Never stop never stopping Never stop never stopping 0.37 03/17/2022 20:57:48
Released 5 pop songs
Cross-media empire Cross-media empire 0.61 03/17/2022 20:25:48
Internet, radio, TV...what's left?
Think we're alone now Think we're alone now 0.66 03/17/2022 05:25:46
Released 5 songs about loneliness
The villain of their story The villain of their story 0.40 03/17/2022 05:00:02
It seems someone really doesn't like you...
A place to blow off steam A place to blow off steam 0.20 03/17/2022 04:56:12
Built a break room
Redundant employees Redundant employees 0.23 03/17/2022 04:31:05
Hire more than one staffer of the same type
Beats to dance to Beats to dance to 0.86 03/17/2022 04:13:01
Released 5 hiphop songs
Supplies are limited Supplies are limited 0.25 03/17/2022 04:01:13
Your CD sold out!
Scot-free Scot-free 0.28 03/17/2022 03:55:39
You managed to avoid the consequences of scandal
A thousand true fans A thousand true fans 0.22 03/17/2022 03:45:34
Kelly would be proud
Indebted Indebted 0.31 03/17/2022 03:38:25
You owe someone a favor
Well, that didn't go well... Well, that didn't go well... 0.28 03/17/2022 03:36:48
A risky marketing strategy backfired
Getting credit Getting credit 0.25 03/17/2022 03:32:56
You took out a loan
Worst deal ever Worst deal ever 0.20 03/17/2022 03:21:47
Negotiations didn't go so well
Picky Picky 0.34 03/17/2022 02:55:34
Not every audition has to result in a hire

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
A million fans A million fans 0.83
You probably made some enemies along the way
Rules for thee, not for me Rules for thee, not for me 0.93
The worst part is the hypocrisy
Everything except country Everything except country 0.99
You've got a broad musical palate
Reap what you seiso Reap what you seiso 1.34
The purer they are, the harder they fall
Fall from grace Fall from grace 1.73
You were forced to retire
Second chance Second chance 0.51
Someone bailed you out
Bankrupt Bankrupt 1.14
You ran out of runway
The prisoner's defector The prisoner's defector 1.07
It's a classic dilemma
Won't get fooled again Won't get fooled again 0.93
No good deed goes unpunished...
Career suicide Career suicide 1.27
This will cause a stir...
Where do I know that name from? Where do I know that name from? 1.76
You learned something from an old associate.
Forever young Forever young 1.95
You celebrated an important anniversary
We'll take anyone We'll take anyone 0.55
Are you really that desperate to acquire talent?
Light up the stage Light up the stage 0.51
Built a theater
Cream of the crop Cream of the crop 0.74
She's trained as much as she can train
Redemption Arc Redemption Arc 1.31
You helped someone find absolution
Making the news Making the news 1.60
You helped a fledgling freelancer
Becoming the mask Becoming the mask 1.24
You became part of of something great
Top of the world Top of the world 1.52
It's lonely at the top
She got that ambition, baby She got that ambition, baby 0.99
You got a proper tour of Shibuya's fashion district
Girls just wanna have fun Girls just wanna have fun 1.02
You embezzled money from the company account to cover your losses
Wouldn't it be nice Wouldn't it be nice 0.99
You went to see the sharks
Hitched Hitched 0.88
You tied the knot
Casanova Casanova 1.52
You should really find someone to settle down with. Third time's the charm?
Saint Valentine died for this? Saint Valentine died for this? 1.70
You spent a special day with a special someone
Globetrotter Globetrotter 0.81
You've confirmed that life is beautiful around the world
Don't call it extortion Don't call it extortion 1.12
You compromised your morals by finding compromising information
Another one for the highlight reel Another one for the highlight reel 1.00
Your CG collection is half done
No stone unturned No stone unturned 2.00
Your CG collection is complete
Removing the problem Removing the problem 1.33
You fired a bully
Avoiding the problem Avoiding the problem 0.84
You separated a victim from her bully
Confronting the problem Confronting the problem 0.92
You persuaded a bully to change her ways
You kept a meme queen on the company payroll after her graduation
Deal with it Deal with it 1.54
Maxed out a staffer
Fine, I'll do it myself Fine, I'll do it myself 1.30
Released a single without hiring any staffers
There's no crying in showbiz There's no crying in showbiz 1.28
You found the ideal solution to an onion-related problem
...and see what sticks ...and see what sticks 1.58
You've tried every possible marketing strategy
Nepotism Nepotism 0.82
You let someone's family connections influence your hiring decisions
World-class performer World-class performer 1.48
Reached level 10 performance
So good they can't ignore you So good they can't ignore you 1.29
Reached level 10 promotion
Drop it Drop it 0.69
Released 5 EDM songs
Chosen by the kitsune Chosen by the kitsune 0.78
Released 5 metal songs
Save rock and roll Save rock and roll 0.66
Released 5 rock songs
Funk you up Funk you up 1.00
Released 5 funk songs
The kids don't like it The kids don't like it 0.80
Released 5 avant-garde songs
Where tradition meets tomorrow Where tradition meets tomorrow 1.07
Released 5 enka songs
Rebel without a pause Rebel without a pause 0.72
Released 5 songs about rebelling
Thank you for being a friend Thank you for being a friend 0.86
Released 5 songs about friends
A trace of pleasure or regret A trace of pleasure or regret 0.85
Released 5 songs about regret
Like a room without a roof Like a room without a roof 0.58
Released 5 songs about happiness
Talkin' bout a revolution Talkin' bout a revolution 1.24
Released 5 songs about politics
Bubbling over Bubbling over 1.01
Harajuku had a theme park dedicated to it
Omlette that slide Omlette that slide 0.84
The secret ingredient is love (and rice)
You jelly? You jelly? 0.73
Jello, is it me you're looking for?
Borger Borger 1.06
Ram would be proud
Bravocado! Bravocado! 0.72
Now that's a hearty salad
Pretty in pink Pretty in pink 0.83
This new ginger is really something
Breakfast club Breakfast club 0.75
Pan-fried dough covered in sugary sauce is healthy, right?
Nice tea Nice tea 1.14
Who could say no to such a refreshing beverage?
Master chef Master chef 1.82
I like big menus and I cannot lie
Beating like a hammer Beating like a hammer 0.90
Released 5 songs about anxiety

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