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Game Achievement Points Unlocked
Ultimate Ultimate 0.93 11/01/2020 13:58:44
Kill Patriarch Cain
The List (Ned Hopper) The List (Ned Hopper) 0.93 11/01/2020 13:54:08
Potion mastery Potion mastery 0.93 11/01/2020 13:39:53
Create one hundred potions
The List (Brand) The List (Brand) 0.93 11/01/2020 13:32:59
The List (Hector) The List (Hector) 0.93 11/01/2020 13:08:10
The List (Proctor) The List (Proctor) 0.93 10/29/2020 07:34:26
The List (Pack leader) The List (Pack leader) 0.94 10/29/2020 06:27:03
The List (Lucian) The List (Lucian) 1.03 10/28/2020 13:06:23
The List (Torteros) The List (Torteros) 1.16 10/28/2020 12:43:03
Outcast Outcast 0.50 10/28/2020 10:57:30
Start the path of revenge

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Grave archeology Grave archeology 1.63
Ravage fifty graves
Cropper Cropper 1.33
Collect one hundred plants
Idolatry Idolatry 1.33
Get the favor of the Unsleeping One
Collector Collector 0.00
Collect all wardrobe items
Nonviolence Nonviolence 1.16
Herbalist Herbalist 1.23
Collect all triceas
Master Necromancer Master Necromancer 0.00
Learn one of the dark arts
Spell Master Spell Master 0.00
Learn one of the dark arts
Master Alchemist Master Alchemist 0.00
Learn one of the dark arts
Demonology Master Demonology Master 0.00
Learn one of the dark arts
The List (Fenist) The List (Fenist) 1.33
Corruptor Corruptor 1.33
Desecrate all altars
Eowyn's stew Eowyn's stew 0.00
Poison any pot to the maximum
4 points to Slytherin 4 points to Slytherin 1.63
Complete all research
Skeleton key Skeleton key 1.63
Open all chests
Die Hard Die Hard 0.00
Kill Patriarch Cain on hard difficulty
Epilogue Epilogue 0.00
Complete the story!

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