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Game Achievement Points Unlocked
Settling on the Edge Settling on the Edge 0.46 01/31/2020 22:57:23
Settle in all three "Frontiers" sectors.
Steampowered Steampowered 0.64 01/31/2020 22:48:05
Drill out all geyers in Savik Province.
Fires Below Fires Below 0.36 01/31/2020 22:14:27
Drill out a geyser in Savik Province.
We Shall Fight on the Beaches We Shall Fight on the Beaches 0.35 01/23/2020 22:21:39
Defeat every type of Invasion once.
Get off my Lawn! Get off my Lawn! 0.11 01/20/2020 00:08:43
Defeat your first invasion.

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Dirty Deeds Dirty Deeds 0.75
Complete the Sector Project in Madrigal Islands.
They Live They Live 0.43
Complete the Sector Project in Greentide Archipelago.
Margin Call Margin Call 1.02
Have 13 active world market routes.
Ghost in the Machine Ghost in the Machine 0.45
Gain Synthetics employees.
Evolutionary Leap Evolutionary Leap 1.24
Have 4,000,000 Synthetics on Veteran difficulty
Counter-Terrorists Win! Counter-Terrorists Win! 0.82
Defeat 10 Invasions on Veteran difficulty.
Eradicate THIS Eradicate THIS 0.59
Defeat 10 Eradicators during Invasions.
Island Hopper Island Hopper 0.83
Settle all islands in Greentide Archipelago.
Machine city Machine city 0.88
Settle an island with 101,010 Synthetics and no other employees.
The Hague Called The Hague Called 0.77
Use any destructive special action on one of your cities.
Dominium Terrae Dominium Terrae 1.01
Use Geoengineering 50 times with one corporation.

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636.52 KiB memory usage
20 crawler available

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