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Game Achievement Points Unlocked
Shining Star Shining Star 1.60 08/02/2022 18:05:11
Join the sudden war first time.
Loyalty Loyalty 1.38 08/02/2022 18:02:10
Complete 10 quests.
First Step First Step 1.20 08/02/2022 17:37:15
Complete your first quest.

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Adventurer Adventurer 1.48
Reach to level 10.
Novice Novice 1.78
Reach to level 25.
Apprentice Apprentice 1.96
Reach to level 50.
Experienced Experienced 2.56
Reach to level 75.
Master Master 2.56
Reach to level 90.
Divine Divine 2.56
Reach to level 100.
Defeat Hulma Defeat Hulma 1.96
Complete the Hulma Raid.
Defeat Azure Sky Dragon Defeat Azure Sky Dragon 2.56
Complete the Azure Sky Dragon Raid.
Defeat Celestial Spirit Defeat Celestial Spirit 2.56
Complete the Celestial Spirit Raid.
Fearless Fearless 1.41
Defeat Big Grunt.
Angry Angry 1.71
Defeat Angry Mad Bull.
Antique Power Antique Power 1.66
Defeat Sphinx.
From Other World From Other World 1.86
Defeat Dark Critter.
Cold Danger Cold Danger 1.96
Defeat Snow Basilisk.
Dragoon! Dragoon! 1.96
Defeat Phantom Dark Dragon.
Like a Boss Like a Boss 2.26
Defeat Ork Boss.
Demon Slayer Demon Slayer 2.26
Defeat Demon Lord.
Dead King Dead King 2.56
Defeat Undead King.
Sturdy Sturdy 2.56
Defat Stone Defender.
Nature Killer Nature Killer 2.56
Defeat Mother Nature.
Mjolnir Mjolnir 2.56
Defeat Thunder Of Ragnarok.
Chosen One Chosen One 2.56
Defeat Emperor.
Legendary Four Legendary Four 2.26
Defeat Remnants Of The Legendary Four.
Newbie Newbie 2.26
Win 1 match in ranked arena.
Skillful Skillful 2.26
Win 10 match in ranked arena.
Professional Professional 2.26
Win 25 match in ranked arena.
Unstoppable Unstoppable 2.56
Win 50 match in ranked arena.
Arena Master Arena Master 2.56
Win 100 match in ranked arena.
Warm Hands Warm Hands 1.71
Complete 30 quests.
Still Alive Still Alive 1.96
Complete 50 quests.
My Hero My Hero 2.08
Complete 100 quests.
Home Home 1.96
Join a guild.
We Are One We Are One 2.56
Marry with your partner.
Continuous Strike Continuous Strike 2.08
Join the sudden war 25 times.
Beater Beater 2.56
Join the sudden war 100 times.
Glorious Glorious 2.56
Join the sudden war 250 times.
Bloodthirsty Bloodthirsty 2.56
Join the sudden war 500 times.
Thousand Times Victory! Thousand Times Victory! 2.56
Join the sudden war 1.000 times.
A Little Shine A Little Shine 1.66
Upgrade an item to +1.
Sharp Bright Sharp Bright 1.66
Upgrade an item to +2.
Golden Mask Golden Mask 1.66
Upgrade an item to +3.
Sunshine Sunshine 1.66
Upgrade an item to +4.
Red Star Red Star 1.86
Upgrade an item to +5.
Greenlight Greenlight 1.96
Upgrade an item to +6.
Blue Sky Blue Sky 2.56
Upgrade an item to +7.
Luminescent Luminescent 2.56
Upgrade an item to +8.
Scintillant Scintillant 2.56
Upgrade an item to +9.
Strong Light Strong Light 2.56
Upgrade an item to +10.
Sharpness Beauty Sharpness Beauty 2.56
Upgrade an item to +11.
Maximum Power Maximum Power 2.56
Upgrade an item to +12.
Dealer Dealer 1.86
Open a stall first time.
Profit Profit 2.26
Open a stall 25 times.
Trader Trader 2.56
Open a stall 50 times.
Merchant Merchant 2.56
Open a stall 100 times.
Disciple Disciple 1.78
Win a PvP first time.
Robust Robust 2.56
Win a PvP 50 times.
Duelist Duelist 2.56
Win a PvP 500 times.
Paladin Paladin 2.56
Win a PvP 5000 times.
Nice Catch! Nice Catch! 1.78
Catch a fish first time.
Fish Researcher Fish Researcher 1.96
Catch a fish 100 times.
Fisherman Fisherman 2.26
Catch a fish 500 times.
Golden Fish Golden Fish 2.56
Catch a fish 2.500 times.
Sea King Sea King 2.56
Catch a fish 5.000 times.
Golds! Golds! 1.66
Get 100.000 golds.
Millionaire Millionaire 1.86
Get 1.000.000 golds.
Rich Rich 2.08
Get 10.000.000 golds.
Boss Boss 2.56
Get 100.000.000 golds.
Billionaire Billionaire 2.56
Get golds.
Merged! Merged! 2.56
Craft an item first time.
Unleashed Power Unleashed Power 2.56
Craft 3 times.
Engineer Engineer 2.56
Craft 5 times.
Extracted Extracted 2.56
Extract the combination.
Combined! Combined! 1.78
Combine for first time.
Harmony Harmony 2.08
Combine 5 times.
Rhythm Rhythm 2.56
Combine 15 times.
Perfect Symphony Perfect Symphony 2.56
Combine 30 times.
First Data First Data 2.56
Discover the first data in this world.
The Time Has Come The Time Has Come 2.08
Solve the mystery of Neverland.
Seed Seed 1.96
Harvest first time.
Crop Crop 2.26
Harvest 50 times.
Farmer Farmer 2.56
Harvest 500 times.
Harvester Harvester 2.56
Harvest 5000 times.
Is This Heaven? Is This Heaven? 0.00
Solve the mystery of Water Temple.

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