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Game Achievement Points Unlocked
Love is a Battlefield Love is a Battlefield 1.07 11/23/2019 18:10:33
Find love after a duel.
Bless my Reign down in Africa Bless my Reign down in Africa 0.85 12/30/2018 21:12:20
As a King or Emperor, have one of your domain Counties under the influence of a successful Rain Dance.
Pagan Fury Pagan Fury 1.17 12/23/2018 22:14:10
As a ruler with any Pagan religion, win a Christian Crusade targeting you.
Baptism of Rus’ Baptism of Rus’ 1.26 12/21/2018 23:11:15
As an East Slavic Pagan King or Emperor with your capital in the Eastern Europe region, successfully ask the ruler of Byzantium for a mass conversion.
Over Your Dead Body Over Your Dead Body 0.81 12/21/2018 22:45:32
As a Tribal ruler, gain a title you have a claim on by duelling the holder.
Under the Power of the Eternal Heaven Under the Power of the Eternal Heaven 1.49 12/14/2018 21:36:21
As a member of the Ashina clan, solidify your divinity by ruling as Religious Head of the Reformed Tengri religion.
History is in my Blood History is in my Blood 1.38 12/13/2018 19:29:37
Have 5 Historical Bloodlines on your character.
L'Eglise, c'est Moi! L'Eglise, c'est Moi! 1.30 12/12/2018 21:24:54
As an Emperor, grab the crown out of the Pope's hands and crown yourself.
Venetian Guile Venetian Guile 0.97 12/12/2018 20:14:56
Win a Crusade targeting Byzantium.
From Servant to Saint From Servant to Saint 0.75 12/12/2018 19:59:46
Have a character you used to play be proclaimed a saint and have their Saintly Bloodline running in your veins.
By Jupiter! By Jupiter! 1.13 12/01/2018 22:14:56
Reform the Hellenic faith.
I Do Not Play Chess I Do Not Play Chess 0.77 11/18/2018 14:24:56
Have 100 kills in your Kill List.
Bloody Line Bloody Line 1.20 11/18/2018 13:44:10
As a religion worshipping Bloodthirsty Gods, sacrifice enough people to found a Bloodline.
Zero to Hero Zero to Hero 0.82 11/17/2018 23:55:18
Found a Legendary Bloodline while part of a Warrior Lodge.
Deus Vult Deus Vult 1.34 11/16/2018 21:44:15
Create the Empire of the Outremer.
Defender of the Holy Sepulchre Defender of the Holy Sepulchre 1.51 11/14/2018 20:34:35
Starting as Eustache de Boulogne (the Count of Boulogne in France) in 1066, choose to play as your beneficiary after they are made King or Queen in Jerusalem after a Crusade.
Heathenous Ways Heathenous Ways 1.43 11/14/2018 12:22:42
Starting as Erik the Heathen in 1066, rule the Kingdom of Sweden with the reformed Germanic Faith.

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Headhunter Headhunter 1.60
Found a Bloodline as a particularly cunning, ruthless and skilled Duelist.
Family First Family First 1.46
As a character with a religion that practice Divine Marriages, have one of your siblings, parents and children as spouses/consorts at the same time.
Lech, Czech, and Rus Lech, Czech, and Rus 1.35
Unite the Kingdoms of the three brothers, Lech, Czech and Rus, into one Slavic Union.
From the Ashes From the Ashes 1.05
Starting in a Shattered World, rule an Empire.
Not so Great Not so Great 1.48
Starting in a Shattered World, defeat a Great Conqueror in a war.
Rise of Civilization Rise of Civilization 1.29
In a Shattered World with ‘Holding Types’ set to ‘Tribal’ or ‘Tribal & Nomadic’, adopt Feudalism or Republicanism.
What Could Have Been What Could Have Been 1.48
Start a Random World with all possible settings set to ‘Random’ and play for 200 years.
Lord of the Flies Lord of the Flies 1.26
Start a Random World as a 0 year old Count, with the maximum character age set to 0, become King or Emperor within 16 years.

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