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Game Achievement Points Unlocked
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Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Celeste Celeste 0.44
Climb Celeste Mountain
Forsaken Forsaken 0.21
Complete Chapter 1
Archaeology Archaeology 0.25
Complete Chapter 2
Checking Out Checking Out 0.31
Complete Chapter 3
Breathe Breathe 0.37
Complete Chapter 4
In the Mirror In the Mirror 0.41
Complete Chapter 5
Reflection Reflection 0.42
Complete Chapter 6
Strawberry Badge Strawberry Badge 0.33
Collect 30 Strawberries
Strawberry Medal Strawberry Medal 0.52
Collect 80 Strawberries
Impress Your Friends Impress Your Friends 0.88
Collect 175 Strawberries
Gateway Gateway 0.25
Collect a Cassette
1UP! 1UP! 0.91
Get a 1UP
Real Gamer Real Gamer 0.63
Complete Celeste for PICO-8
Pointless Machines Pointless Machines 0.54
Collect the Crystal Heart in Chapter 1
Sever the Skyline Sever the Skyline 0.60
Complete Chapter 1 B-Side
Resurrections Resurrections 0.56
Collect the Crystal Heart in Chapter 2
Black Moonrise Black Moonrise 0.60
Complete Chapter 2 B-Side
Scattered and Lost Scattered and Lost 0.61
Collect the Crystal Heart in Chapter 3
Good Karma Good Karma 0.69
Complete Chapter 3 B-Side
Eye of the Storm Eye of the Storm 0.59
Collect the Crystal Heart in Chapter 4
Golden Feather Golden Feather 0.74
Complete Chapter 4 B-Side
Quiet and Falling Quiet and Falling 0.71
Collect the Crystal Heart in Chapter 5
Mirror Magic Mirror Magic 0.77
Complete Chapter 5 B-Side
Heavy and Frail Heavy and Frail 0.68
Collect the Crystal Heart in Chapter 6
Center of the Earth Center of the Earth 0.80
Complete Chapter 6 B-Side
Pink Sunrise Pink Sunrise 0.76
Collect the Crystal Heart in Chapter 7
No More Running No More Running 0.81
Complete Chapter 7 B-Side
Heart of the Mountain Heart of the Mountain 0.67
Collect the Crystal Heart in Chapter 8
Say Goodbye Say Goodbye 0.87
Complete Chapter 8 B-Side
Thanks For Playing Thanks For Playing 0.99
Complete all C-Sides
Farewell Farewell 1.04
Complete Chapter 9
Wow Wow 1.13
Find the moon berry

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