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4.6 hours playing time on record

Game Achievement Points Unlocked
Magic hills Magic hills 1.21 06/29/2021 23:52:45
reach the meadows
Queen's rage Queen's rage 1.20 06/29/2021 23:52:45
deal 50 combined fire damage in one battle
Captain in the making Captain in the making 0.91 06/29/2021 21:47:00
level a unit up to level 5
Ranger in the woods Ranger in the woods 0.93 06/29/2021 00:01:29
reach the forest
Battle fields Battle fields 0.85 06/28/2021 23:27:19
reach the fields
Promising recruit Promising recruit 0.78 06/28/2021 23:20:44
level a unit up to level 2
Queen's dread Queen's dread 0.70 06/28/2021 22:39:20
win a battle with 25% of enemy skills failed

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Practiced Practiced 1.51
level a skill up to level III
Honed Honed 1.51
level a skill up to level IV
Mastered Mastered 1.51
level a skill up to level V
My champion <3 My champion <3 1.51
level a unit up to level 10
Trump card Trump card 1.51
get a super rare unit
Windigo's crypt Windigo's crypt 1.80
clear the final room in a dungeon
Mystical powers Mystical powers 1.80
level a relic up to level 5
something stinks... something stinks... 1.80
find the smelly hat
Queen's blessing Queen's blessing 1.32
Heal 100 health in one battle
Queen's might Queen's might 1.80
Deal 40 damage or more in a single hit
Queen's gait Queen's gait 1.32
execute 30 skills in the first 5s of battle
Queen's diligence Queen's diligence 1.32
win a battle that lasted at least 90s
Queen's wits Queen's wits 1.51
defeat an opponent with combined unit levels that are at least 10 higher than yours

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