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Game Achievement Points Unlocked
The Contents The Contents 1.77 09/01/2015 14:10:17
Unlock all mercenaries and their archetypes.
The Challenge The Challenge 1.56 08/30/2015 22:23:17
Win a game of rock-paper-scissors against the Jester.
The Burglar The Burglar 1.85 08/30/2015 21:01:34
Lock pick 15 chests.
The Philanthropist The Philanthropist 1.74 08/30/2015 20:37:11
Complete all co-op quests in the game at least once.
The Incorruptible The Incorruptible 1.67 08/30/2015 16:10:41
Do not deliver one of your companions to the Bounty Hunter.
The End The End 1.53 08/29/2015 23:36:59
Finish the game in less than 18 days.
The Treachery The Treachery 1.84 08/29/2015 23:27:09
Get a loan from the Banker and do not pay it back.
The Party The Party 1.26 08/29/2015 22:26:13
Have a team of 5 mercenaries in one party.
The egg The egg 1.92 08/29/2015 21:12:46
Witness the hatching of the egg
The challenge The challenge 1.77 08/29/2015 18:45:44
Finish the game with a party of 4 mercenaries
The Hardship The Hardship 1.72 08/29/2015 18:45:44
Finish the game in normal mode.
The Victory The Victory 1.37 08/29/2015 18:45:43
Finish the game in easy mode.
The Tension The Tension 1.36 08/29/2015 18:35:24
Reach the last region before the final showdown.
The Best The Best 1.37 08/29/2015 18:19:36
Triumph over your Nemesis.
The Barbarian The Barbarian 1.35 08/29/2015 18:06:13
Triumph over the Barbarian Chief.
The Expert The Expert 1.38 08/29/2015 18:06:12
Have a mercenary reach level 10.
The Knight The Knight 1.33 08/29/2015 17:54:35
Triumph over the Black Knight.
The combo The combo 1.69 08/29/2015 17:26:26
Equip a mercenary with a mysterious set of runes
The Weapon The Weapon 1.11 08/29/2015 17:26:21
Reach the maximum level of a weapon.
The commander The commander 1.27 08/29/2015 16:54:11
Defeat commander Barka
The Advice The Advice 1.39 08/29/2015 16:41:39
Tell the Minstrel what you think of his song.
The lieutenant The lieutenant 1.09 08/29/2015 15:35:23
Defeat lieutenant Shear
The Armor The Armor 1.18 08/29/2015 14:59:37
Reach the maximum level of a piece of armor.
The Wolf The Wolf 0.92 08/29/2015 13:39:46
Triumph over the Wolf Lord.

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
The Deal The Deal 1.46
Buy a rune from the Thief Master.
The Player The Player 2.19
Win at every game available in the inns.
The Explorer The Explorer 2.51
Find and interact with all 4 legendary locations.
The Rubberneck The Rubberneck 1.91
Touch 6 monoliths.
The Insomniac The Insomniac 1.48
Finish the game without using a campfire.
The Accident The Accident 1.71
One mercenary knocks out another with collateral damage.
The cause The cause 1.62
Equip the 5 mercenaries in your party with the rune on the ring
The Loan The Loan 1.94
Get a loan from the Banker and pay it back.
The corruptible man The corruptible man 1.82
Let the bounty hunter take away one of your mercenaries

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