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Game Achievement Points Unlocked
Defense of the Headquarters Defense of the Headquarters 0.77 07/01/2022 03:17:55
Destroy the Headquarters in The Eighty Years' War or Great Turkish War Historical Maps.
Bersaglieri Battalion Bersaglieri Battalion 0.52 07/01/2022 03:14:40
Deal 5000 Damage with Bersaglieri.
Investment Banker Investment Banker 0.53 07/01/2022 03:08:36
Transform 15,000 Resources using Lombards.
Grand Exchange Grand Exchange 0.75 06/30/2022 03:25:24
Generate 10,000 Tycoon score from exchanging resources for Tycoon Packages.
Ok Boomer Ok Boomer 0.77 06/30/2022 03:14:19
Build 3 Town Centers in a Tycoon mode game.
Cossack Captain Cossack Captain 0.78 06/28/2022 02:48:25
Won on the Deluge Historical Map against Humans or Hard AI.
Scorched Earth Scorched Earth 0.79 06/28/2022 02:20:53
Raze 20 Village Houses in The Deluge or The Thirty Years' War Historical Maps.
La Serenissima La Serenissima 0.65 06/26/2022 02:55:38
Unlock 5 Italian Home City Customizations.
Imperium Imperium 0.80 06/26/2022 02:54:19
Meet the Economic Victory conditions in a Tycoon mode game and win.
Technological Boom Technological Boom 0.49 06/26/2022 02:44:12
Research 50 Technologies as the Italians.
Economic Super Power Economic Super Power 0.66 06/26/2022 02:35:59
Achieve 1st place for 3 challenges in a Tycoon mode game.
Italian Victory Italian Victory 0.42 06/25/2022 06:01:14
Win a game as the Italians.
Maltese Victory Maltese Victory 0.42 06/24/2022 00:28:10
Win a game as the Maltese.
Business Trip Business Trip 0.63 06/24/2022 00:26:16
Deploy 'Trip to Jerusalem’ from your Home City shipments as the Maltese.

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Tongues of Europe Tongues of Europe 0.59
Send 3 different "Tongue" Home City cards as Malta.
Demolition Derby Demolition Derby 0.65
Deal 2000 Damage with Depot explosions.
The Great Siege The Great Siege 0.55
Dealt 10,000 Damage with Fixed Guns.
Heavy Metal Rain Heavy Metal Rain 0.55
Defeat 30 Units with Fixed Guns.
Knights Hospital Knights Hospital 0.60
Heal 4000 Health points playing as the Maltese.
Alone against the World Alone against the World 0.82
Win on the Eighty Years' War Historical Map defending 1v7 against Humans or Hard AI.
Uphill Battle Uphill Battle 0.81
Capture five Strategic Points from an enemy in The Napoleonic Wars Historical Map.
Bring out the Big Guns Bring out the Big Guns 0.71
Deal 3000 damage with captured Fixed Guns in The Great Turkish War or The Russo-Turkish War Historical Maps.
International Supporters International Supporters 0.60
Send 50 Units from the Basilica.
Free Real Estate Free Real Estate 0.75
Construct 200 Buildings with Architects.
Wealth of Empires Wealth of Empires 0.84
Complete a Tycoon mode game with 10 Different Civilizations.

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