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Game Achievement Points Unlocked
Lost and Found Lost and Found 2.03 02/26/2021 19:44:37
Found and marked the 5 famous lost works of art by Dutch masters in Showcase Cultural Property.
Dead Letter Dead Letter 2.03 02/26/2021 19:44:37
Discovered the AAF officer's letter and East Wind intel in Showcase Cultural Property.
Still Life Still Life 2.02 02/26/2021 19:44:37
Published a composition to Steam Workshop.
Renaissance Man Renaissance Man 1.93 02/26/2021 19:44:37
Stole the binoculars and spotted an unexpected surveillance agent in Showcase Art of War.
Picture Perfect Picture Perfect 1.89 02/26/2021 19:44:37
Completed Showcase Cultural Property without the hostage being killed or taking any casualties.
Connoisseur Connoisseur 1.82 02/26/2021 19:44:37
Inspected 20 labels in the Lars Blanken Gallery in Showcase Art of War.
Art and Soul Art and Soul 1.57 02/26/2021 19:44:37
Visited the Lars Blanken Gallery in Amsterdam.
Dressed to Impress Dressed to Impress 1.22 02/26/2021 19:44:37
Tried on the new Parade Uniform or Formal Suit.

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