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Game Achievement Points Unlocked
Camellos Camellos 0.90 07/28/2022 04:55:35
Send Lieutenants through a smuggling point with goods 100 times.
Bad Trip Bad Trip 0.71 07/28/2022 03:42:49
Quit the game using ALT+F4
That was fucking base That was fucking base 0.64 07/27/2022 12:13:05
Complete the tutorial.
Hokey-Pokey Hokey-Pokey 0.57 07/27/2022 12:11:47
Pack and sell some illegal goods.
Take-Off Take-Off 0.49 07/27/2022 07:15:33
Upgrade a building to the next tier.
Our Man Our Man 0.47 07/27/2022 07:11:05
Hire your first lieutenant

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Bite the Blow Bite the Blow 1.36
Take resources from a village by force.
Architect of Fortunes Architect of Fortunes 1.05
Launch the game with custom settings in Sandbox mode.
Spreading Fear Spreading Fear 1.66
Give your Lieutenants 10 assassination orders.
Follow the Money Follow the Money 1.85
Earn $1,000,000 of dirty money selling dried cannabis in Survival mode.
Spread Spread 1.87
Sell every drug via all checkpoints.
Didn't Miss A Single One Didn't Miss A Single One 0.90
Accept every expiring event from your Lieutenants over 6 months of in-game time.
Operation Odessa Operation Odessa 2.10
Use a submarine to transport 5,000 units of cocaine.
Pampered Life Pampered Life 1.98
Unlock every type of residence
Don't Let Mom Know You're A Druglord Don't Let Mom Know You're A Druglord 1.65
Play 10 hours total between the hours of midnight and 6 AM
I'm Going To Call You Kitty I'm Going To Call You Kitty 1.31
Change a Lieutenant's nickname
Iron Lady Iron Lady 2.03
Play Sandbox mode on Hard with a female Capo and take over every region without changing Capos.
Sense Of Style Sense Of Style 2.10
Have 7 Lieutenants in your cartel who are wearing cool shirts
Safe Pair of Hands Safe Pair of Hands 2.00
Complete 50 successful deals with your Lieutenants.

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