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A Foretold Affair

A Foretold Affair - Alternate Outfit DLC

8.1 average hours needed for completion.

16 achievements worth of 22.83 points
Achievement Description Crawled Points Report as
The Future The Future You took the first step to the rest of your life 04/03/2017 19:43:10 1.30
The Officer The Officer You found your very resistant future spouse 04/03/2017 19:43:11 1.38
The Adventurer The Adventurer You found your very indifferent future spouse 04/03/2017 19:43:11 1.41
The Duke The Duke You found your very willing future spouse 04/03/2017 19:43:11 1.40
The All Of Them The All Of Them You gave them all a chance 04/03/2017 19:43:12 1.45
Just Missed It Just Missed It Is that a good thing or a bad thing? 04/03/2017 19:43:12 1.44
Balance Is Restored Balance Is Restored You brought that beautiful pair back together 04/03/2017 19:43:12 1.38
Eavesdropper Eavesdropper It’s not your fault they talked loud enough to be listened in on 04/03/2017 19:43:12 1.41
Not Afraid Not Afraid You didn’t let her get to you, in the end at least 04/03/2017 19:43:13 1.45
The Present The Present Thank you for playing! 04/03/2017 19:43:13 1.40
You Think Too Much About Me You Think Too Much About Me You concluded your story with that loveable Officer 04/03/2017 19:43:13 1.43
I Can Manage That I Can Manage That You concluded your story with that charming adventurer 04/03/2017 19:43:14 1.44
We Have So Much In Common We Have So Much In Common You concluded your story with that darling Duke 04/03/2017 19:43:14 1.43
Kea Crazy Kea Crazy 04/03/2017 19:43:14 1.50
Prioritized Piper Prioritized Piper 04/03/2017 19:43:14 1.50
January Junkie January Junkie 04/03/2017 19:43:15 1.50

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