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A Duel Hand Disaster: Trackher

8.3 average hours needed for completion.

10 achievements worth of 0.00 points
Achievement Description Crawled Points Report as
Man Up and Risk 'Em Up Man Up and Risk 'Em Up Accepted responsibility. Welcome to the Disaster. You, and others like you, have helped me justify my decision. Now own yours. 09/18/2020 17:44:57 0.00
It's not you. It's me. Or it could be you. It's not you. It's me. Or it could be you. Die to the rushin' firewall due to "decisions" 09/26/2020 13:10:45 0.00
Blaze-ing Saddles Blaze-ing Saddles The Rushin' Firewall activates every 4 yea...sorry minutes. Use your BFP to push the noise away. 09/26/2020 13:10:45 0.00
The Gambler The Gambler You gotta know when to fold 'em, when to hold 'em, when to walk away, and when to RISK 'EM UP!!!! 09/26/2020 13:10:46 0.00
Premature Extractulation Premature Extractulation Pulling out isn't as safe as you might think 09/26/2020 13:10:46 0.00
[REDACTED] CaseFile_30 [REDACTED] CaseFile_30 FREE LIVES MATTER 09/26/2020 13:10:47 0.00
[REDACTED] CaseFile_25_Ammended [REDACTED] CaseFile_25_Ammended Crossing the Red Line may have resulted in the death of 30 men 09/26/2020 13:10:47 0.00
#dedication #dedication EXTRACT with a score of UINT32 and stand on the shoulders of giants like Roto Mola and LTHummus #wreckingItWithMATH 09/26/2020 13:10:48 0.00
Punched Out Punched Out EXTRACT with a score of 007 373 5963 in 5 minutes and 47 seconds or less 09/26/2020 13:10:48 0.00
[REDACTED] Successfully Implemented [REDACTED] Successfully Implemented Solve the Collusion Narrative. Earn the insurance policy. 09/26/2020 13:10:49 0.00

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