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A House of Many Doors

A House of Many Doors: Soundtrack

7.6 average hours needed for completion.

33 achievements worth of 60.47 points
Achievement Description Crawled Points Report as
Bandit Bandit Your greed or caprice have led you to attack innocent travellers. 02/11/2017 04:35:18 1.22
Bounty Hunter Bounty Hunter You hunt predators in the dark. 02/11/2017 04:35:18 1.35
Champion Champion You have proven your physical and martial supremacy. 02/11/2017 04:35:19 1.41
Curator of a Grand Exhibition Curator of a Grand Exhibition You founded the Museum of Unnatural Curiosity, famous for its unparalleled beauty. It draws awed visitors from all over the House. 02/11/2017 04:35:19 2.42
Curator of a Scholarly Enlightenment Curator of a Scholarly Enlightenment You founded the Museum of Unnatural Curiosity, famous for its unique discoveries. It has kick-started what some scholars are calling a 'Renaissance.' 02/11/2017 04:35:19 1.70
Curator of the Macabre Curator of the Macabre You founded the Museum of Unnatural Curiosity, famous for its oddness and gruesomeness. There are already hundreds of fearful myths and whispers about the place, half of them true. 02/11/2017 04:35:20 2.22
Curator of the Wandering Museum Curator of the Wandering Museum You founded the Museum of Unnatural Curiosity, a legend spoken of only in fearful whispers. It wanders the House, manifesting on alleys and dark street-corners, a dreadful omen, forever cursed... 02/11/2017 04:35:20 1.71
Editor Editor You are now an editor, the highest form of life. 02/11/2017 04:35:20 2.17
Godkiller Godkiller You have destroyed a deity. 02/11/2017 04:35:21 2.22
Heartless Heartless Your heart has been taken from you. 02/11/2017 04:35:21 1.49
Mechanical Hand Mechanical Hand Your missing hand has been replaced by a technological marvel. 02/11/2017 04:35:22 2.52
Memory Thief Memory Thief You raided a living skull like a vault. 02/11/2017 04:35:22 1.63
Motheaten Motheaten A thousand frail wings flutter against the inside of your skin. 02/11/2017 04:35:22 1.92
Murderer Murderer Who would have thought a person could have so much blood in them? 02/11/2017 04:35:23 1.25
One-Eyed One-Eyed You have trouble gauging distances. 02/11/2017 04:35:23 2.52
Pioneer Pioneer You have opened one of the House's Doors. Perhaps it should have stayed locked... 02/11/2017 04:35:23 1.44
Poet-Knight Poet-Knight You have been knighted as a poet-warrior of Fargyle Keep. 02/11/2017 04:35:23 1.64
Poet Poet You have written at least one poem. Perhaps it will outlive you. 02/11/2017 04:35:24 0.83
Slave Trader Slave Trader You have sold a sapient being into slavery. 02/11/2017 04:35:24 1.78
Sleepless Sleepless You have forgotten how to sleep. 02/11/2017 04:35:24 1.64
Vampire Hunter Vampire Hunter You exterminate parasites. 02/11/2017 04:35:25 1.66
Death's Justiciar Death's Justiciar Directly or indirectly, you killed the remaining immortals. 02/11/2017 04:35:25 2.52
Completed the game Completed the game - 02/11/2017 04:35:26 1.78
Ended the game Ended the game - 02/11/2017 04:35:26 2.22
Quit the game Quit the game - 02/11/2017 04:35:26 1.70
Ragtag Bunch of Incompetents Ragtag Bunch of Incompetents Complete the game with your terrible starting upper-deck crew. 02/11/2017 04:35:26 2.64
The Gnawing Dark The Gnawing Dark You came face-to-face with something that lurks. 02/11/2017 04:35:27 0.84
Dreadnought Dreadnought You somehow destroyed the Tyrannic. 02/11/2017 04:35:27 1.98
Extravagant Mansion Extravagant Mansion You have climbed the property ladder to its highest rung. 02/11/2017 04:35:27 1.86
Explorer Explorer You have visited every unique location in the House. Wow! 02/11/2017 04:35:28 3.12
Smiling Smiling You lost all your Sanity. 02/11/2017 04:35:28 1.13
In Mourning In Mourning You lost an upper-deck crewmember in combat. 02/11/2017 04:35:29 1.72
Reunion Reunion You collected all 7 Aspects of the Trickster and brought them to his mother. 02/11/2017 04:35:29 2.22

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