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Music - Hearts of Iron IV: Sabaton SoundtrackExpansion - Hearts of Iron IV: Together for VictoryMusic - Hearts of Iron IV: Sabaton Soundtrack Vol. 2Expansion - Hearts of Iron IV: Death or DishonorHearts of Iron IV: Anniversary PackExpansion - Hearts of Iron IV: Waking the TigerExpansion - Hearts of Iron IV: Man the GunsHearts of Iron IV: Axis Armor PackHearts of Iron IV: Radio PackExpansion - Hearts of Iron IV: La RésistanceHearts of Iron IV: Allied Armor PackHearts of Iron IV: Allied Speeches Music PackExpansion - Hearts of Iron IV: Battle for the BosporusHearts of Iron IV: Eastern Front Planes PackHearts of Iron IV: Eastern Front Music PackExpansion - Hearts of Iron IV: No Step Back

Hearts of Iron IV: Colonel Edition Upgrade Pack

611.2 average hours needed for completion.

30 achievements worth of 37.02 points
Achievement Description Crawled Points Report as
Friend in Need Friend in Need Join a faction. 06/06/2016 20:06:45 0.70
Time is on our side Time is on our side Reach 1948. 06/06/2016 20:06:45 0.90
Canada First Canada First Join Axis as Canada . 06/06/2016 20:06:45 1.04
We'll build it in a day We'll build it in a day Research Construction V. 06/06/2016 20:06:45 0.75
Transport Tycoon Transport Tycoon Have at least 1000 convoys. 06/06/2016 20:06:45 0.79
Destroyer of Worlds Destroyer of Worlds Deploy a nuke. 06/06/2016 20:06:45 0.92
Wunderwaffen Wunderwaffen Research all rocket, nuclear and jet technologies. 06/06/2016 20:06:45 0.86
United Netherlands United Netherlands Conquer Belgium and Luxembourg as Netherlands . 06/06/2016 20:06:45 1.22
Vive la France Vive la France Reach 1948 as France without capitulating or surrendering. 06/06/2016 20:06:45 1.26
Master of War Master of War Fully research a land, air and naval doctrine tree. 06/06/2016 20:06:45 1.00
Mine is bigger than yours Mine is bigger than yours Lead a faction with at least 20 members. 06/06/2016 20:06:45 1.01
No country for old men No country for old men Reach 0 manpower with Scraping the Barrel as Conscription Law. 06/06/2016 20:06:45 1.19
Poland can into space Poland can into space Finish all Rocket Technologies as Poland. 06/06/2016 20:06:45 1.36
True Blitzkrieg True Blitzkrieg As Germany have both Poland and France surrender before January 1st 1940. 06/06/2016 20:06:45 1.03
Northern Light Northern Light As a Scandinavian country form your own faction, and have Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland in it. 06/06/2016 20:06:45 1.50
Nobody expects... Nobody expects... As Nationalist Spain in Axis manage to take Paris before the Germans. 06/06/2016 20:06:45 1.36
The bell tolls for us The bell tolls for us Win Spanish Civil War as Republican Spain. 06/06/2016 20:06:45 1.21
The Revolution Triumphant The Revolution Triumphant Have Germany as a puppet of Soviet. 06/06/2016 20:06:45 1.27
Once More Mate Once More Mate Occupy Gallipoli as Australia. 06/06/2016 20:06:45 1.58
Forge of Victory Forge of Victory Have 50 factories as Belgium. 06/06/2016 20:06:45 1.33
Sunset Invasion Sunset Invasion Occupy a coastal province in Europe as Mexico, and if in a faction have it contain only South American members or puppets. 06/06/2016 20:06:45 1.57
Duce Nuked'em Duce Nuked'em Nuke Los Angeles as fascist Italy. 06/06/2016 20:06:45 1.58
Operation Sea Lion Operation Sea Lion Control British mainland as Germany. 06/06/2016 20:06:45 1.04
One Empire One Empire Unite the entire world under the British Empire. 06/06/2016 20:06:45 1.55
Party like it's 1520 Party like it's 1520 Occupy Stockholm as communist Denmark. 06/06/2016 20:06:45 1.49
Med plutonium... Med plutonium... Nuke Denmark as Sweden. 06/06/2016 20:06:45 1.58
The Revenge of Montezuma The Revenge of Montezuma Restore the old borders with USA as Mexico. 06/06/2016 20:06:45 1.48
Big Entente Big Entente As France, complete the “Little Entente” National Focus, and have all German cores owned by you or someone in your faction. 06/06/2016 20:06:45 1.41
New World Order New World Order Make all nations fascist. 06/06/2016 20:06:46 1.38
Bearer of Artillery Bearer of Artillery Gain Vojtek as commander 06/06/2016 20:06:46 1.66

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