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Rivals of Aether: Summit KraggRivals of Aether: Spangled WrastorRivals of Aether: Panda MaypulRivals of Aether: Ragnir MaypulRivals of Aether: Summit OrcaneRivals of Aether: Arcade MaypulRivals of Aether: Arcade EllianaRivals of Aether: Penguin AbsaRivals of Aether: Shine ZetterburnRivals of Aether: Kraggling BuddyRivals of Aether: Tuxedo RannoRivals of Aether: Panda Etalus

Rivals of Aether: Ranno and ClairenRivals of Aether: Ori and SeinRivals of Aether: Sylvanos and EllianaRivals of Aether: Shovel Knight

336.7 average hours needed for completion.

30 achievements worth of 43.16 points
Achievement Description Crawled Points Report as
A Fiery Tale A Fiery Tale Complete Zetterburn's Story Mode 02/15/2017 15:28:26 0.86
A Slippery Saga A Slippery Saga Complete Orcane's Story Mode 02/15/2017 15:28:26 0.90
An Adverse Adventure An Adverse Adventure Complete Wrastor's Story Mode 02/15/2017 15:28:26 0.91
A Rocky Start A Rocky Start Complete Kragg's Story Mode 02/15/2017 15:28:26 0.82
A Smoldering Plot A Smoldering Plot Complete Forsburn's Story Mode 02/15/2017 15:28:26 0.93
A Maypul Story A Maypul Story Complete Maypul's Story Mode 02/15/2017 15:28:26 0.90
Open the Gates Open the Gates Complete the Story Mode Epilogue 02/15/2017 15:28:26 1.01
Into the Depths Into the Depths Complete Wave 15 of Abyss Mode 02/15/2017 15:28:26 1.31
The Endless Abyss The Endless Abyss Complete Wave 45 of Abyss Mode 02/15/2017 15:28:26 1.95
The Seasoned Rival The Seasoned Rival Complete 300 Matches Locally or Online 02/15/2017 15:28:26 1.34
The Apprentice Rival The Apprentice Rival Complete the Beginner Tutorial Lessons 02/15/2017 15:28:26 0.76
The Master Rival The Master Rival Complete all Tutorial Lessons 02/15/2017 15:28:26 1.52
The Skeptical Rival The Skeptical Rival Turn on Hitboxes in Practice Mode 02/15/2017 15:28:26 1.01
The Swift Rival The Swift Rival Earn a Gold Medal on the 7 Story Modes 02/15/2017 15:28:26 1.94
The Opulent Rival The Opulent Rival Earn 100,000 Aether Coins 02/15/2017 15:28:26 2.09
The Ardent Rival The Ardent Rival Reach Level 10 with all 14 Abyss Characters 02/15/2017 15:28:26 2.06
The Lone Rival The Lone Rival Defeat the Story Mode Epilogue without losing a stock 02/15/2017 15:28:26 1.76
The Reckless Flame The Reckless Flame Get a KO with Zetterburn's Aerial Down Special 02/15/2017 15:28:26 1.36
The Watery Trap The Watery Trap Get a KO with Orcane's Up Special 02/15/2017 15:28:26 0.91
The Terrible Tempest The Terrible Tempest Get a KO with Wrastor's Neutral Special off the top. 02/15/2017 15:28:26 1.40
The Boulder Barrage The Boulder Barrage Get a KO with Kragg's rock shards. 02/15/2017 15:28:27 1.26
The Deadly Deception The Deadly Deception Get a KO with Forsburn's Clone. 02/15/2017 15:28:27 1.47
The Vicious Vine The Vicious Vine Get a KO by using Maypul's tether into an aerial. 02/15/2017 15:28:27 1.42
The Calculated Strike The Calculated Strike Get a KO using Absa's cloud exploded Down Air. 02/15/2017 15:28:27 1.71
The Icy Plummet The Icy Plummet Get a KO with Etalus' Up Special. 02/15/2017 15:28:27 1.38
Endless Creativity Endless Creativity Download and play as a Workshop Character in any mode. 09/24/2020 04:16:00 1.05
The Rebel's Strike The Rebel's Strike Get a KO with the tip of Mollo's Down Special 02/03/2022 19:00:45 2.08
The Sweaty Smackdown The Sweaty Smackdown Get a KO with Hodan's Parried Down Strong. 02/03/2022 19:00:45 2.54
The Glamorous Showstopper The Glamorous Showstopper Get a KO with Pomme's Up Special. 02/03/2022 19:00:45 2.34
The Flawless Fist The Flawless Fist Get a KO with Olympia's Down Air. 02/03/2022 19:00:45 2.17

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