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Trine 2: Goblin Menace

48.3 average hours needed for completion.

66 achievements worth of 71.60 points
Achievement Description Crawled Points Report as
Surfboard Master Surfboard Master Stand on a plank floating on a single airflow for four seconds 1.07
I Didn't Do It I Didn't Do It Make goblins die of three different environmental hazards in a single level 0.42
Flying Solo Flying Solo Complete a whole level playing one character only 1.47
A Floral Feast A Floral Feast Feed carnivorous plants with three or more different kinds of treats 0.59
Icebreaker Icebreaker Shatter three frozen enemies within one second 1.42
Hammer Havoc Hammer Havoc Kill an enemy with a thrown hammer bouncing at least once before kill 0.62
Dirty Tactics Dirty Tactics Get at least 10 enemies killed by other enemies' actions in a single level 0.88
Bouncy Bouncy Bouncy Bouncy Stand on a conjured box bouncing on any bouncy surface for 10 seconds 1.16
A Hail of Arrows A Hail of Arrows Shoot 3 arrows in the air and catch them all with the Knight's shield 1.15
High Rise High Rise Construct a tower made of eight objects and stand on top of it 1.32
Cirque de Zoya Cirque de Zoya Using grapple, swing around an object and reattach grapple again without touching any surface 0.75
This Wasn't the Plan This Wasn't the Plan Make a bubble sink for three seconds 1.12
Trine 2 hard Trine 2 hard Earn all (original) Achievements in Trine 2 1.62
I want more! I want more! Complete the game 07/09/2012 16:46:57 0.78
Into the Story Into the Story Complete The Story Begins 07/09/2012 16:46:58 0.27
Wild in Wilderness Wild in Wilderness Complete Forlorn Wilderness 07/09/2012 16:46:58 0.38
Mudproof Hero Mudproof Hero Complete Mudwater Dale 07/09/2012 16:46:59 0.43
March Through the Marsh March Through the Marsh Complete Mosslight Marsh 07/09/2012 16:46:59 0.48
Treehouse Adventure Treehouse Adventure Complete Petrified Tree 07/09/2012 16:46:59 0.53
No More Lizard Soup No More Lizard Soup Complete Shadowed Halls 07/09/2012 16:46:59 0.58
Hostile Gardening Hostile Gardening Complete Hushing Grove 07/09/2012 16:46:59 0.63
Funs with Fungi Funs with Fungi Complete Mushroom Caves 07/09/2012 16:47:00 0.66
Shrooms and Glooms Shrooms and Glooms Complete Mushroom Murk 07/09/2012 16:47:00 0.67
Pearl Diver Pearl Diver Complete Searock Castle 07/09/2012 16:47:00 0.69
Sinister Plumbing Sinister Plumbing Complete Eldritch Passages 07/09/2012 16:47:00 0.72
Hot and Cold Hot and Cold Complete Icewarden Keep 07/09/2012 16:47:00 0.76
Through Dangers Untold Through Dangers Untold Complete The Final Chapter 07/09/2012 16:47:00 0.77
The Story Begins Collector The Story Begins Collector Collect all experience pickups in The Story Begins 07/09/2012 16:47:01 0.69
Forlorn Wilderness Collector Forlorn Wilderness Collector Collect all experience pickups in Forlorn Wilderness 07/09/2012 16:47:01 1.28
Mudwater Dale Collector Mudwater Dale Collector Collect all experience pickups in Mudwater Dale 07/09/2012 16:47:01 1.38
Mosslight Marsh Collector Mosslight Marsh Collector Collect all experience pickups in Mosslight Marsh 07/09/2012 16:47:02 1.41
Petrified Tree Collector Petrified Tree Collector Collect all experience pickups in Petrified Tree 07/09/2012 16:47:02 1.47
Shadowed Halls Collector Shadowed Halls Collector Collect all experience pickups in Shadowed Halls 07/09/2012 16:47:02 1.32
Hushing Grove Collector Hushing Grove Collector Collect all experience pickups in Hushing Grove 07/09/2012 16:47:02 1.42
Mushroom Caves Collector Mushroom Caves Collector Collect all experience pickups in Mushroom Caves 07/09/2012 16:47:02 1.38
Mushroom Murk Collector Mushroom Murk Collector Collect all experience pickups in Mushroom Murk 07/09/2012 16:47:03 1.28
Searock Castle Collector Searock Castle Collector Collect all experience pickups in Searock Castle 07/09/2012 16:47:03 1.60
Eldritch Passages Collector Eldritch Passages Collector Collect all experience pickups in Eldritch Passages 07/09/2012 16:47:03 1.48
Icewarden Keep Collector Icewarden Keep Collector Collect all experience pickups in Icewarden Keep 07/09/2012 16:47:03 1.48
Secrets of Forlorn Wilderness Secrets of Forlorn Wilderness Find all chests in Forlorn Wilderness 07/09/2012 16:47:04 0.52
Secrets of Mudwater Dale Secrets of Mudwater Dale Find all chests in Mudwater Dale 07/09/2012 16:47:04 1.01
Secrets of Mosslight Marsh Secrets of Mosslight Marsh Find all chests in Mosslight Marsh 07/09/2012 16:47:04 0.77
Secrets of Petrified Tree Secrets of Petrified Tree Find all chests in Petrified Tree 07/09/2012 16:47:04 0.85
Secrets of Shadowed Halls Secrets of Shadowed Halls Find all chests in Shadowed Halls 07/09/2012 16:47:05 0.77
Secrets of Hushing Grove Secrets of Hushing Grove Find all chests in Hushing Grove 07/09/2012 16:47:05 0.93
Secrets of Mushroom Caves Secrets of Mushroom Caves Find all chests in Mushroom Caves 07/09/2012 16:47:05 0.83
Secrets of Mushroom Murk Secrets of Mushroom Murk Find all chests in Mushroom Murk 07/09/2012 16:47:05 1.03
Secrets of Searock Castle Secrets of Searock Castle Find all chests in Searock Castle 07/09/2012 16:47:05 0.88
Secrets of Eldritch Passages Secrets of Eldritch Passages Find all chests in Eldritch Passages 07/09/2012 16:47:05 1.00
Secrets of Icewarden Keep Secrets of Icewarden Keep Find all chests in Icewarden Keep 07/09/2012 16:47:06 0.88
Rosabel's Secrets Rosabel's Secrets Find all chests in The Final Chapter 07/09/2012 16:47:06 1.25
Sharp-Eyed Sharp-Eyed Collect all experience pickups in any level 07/09/2012 16:47:06 0.66
Master Collector Master Collector Collect all experience pickups in the game 07/09/2012 16:47:06 1.63
Lost and Found Lost and Found Find all chests in the game 07/09/2012 16:47:07 1.48
Snowman Snowman Freeze two enemies and stack them on top of each other 07/09/2012 16:47:07 1.41
Challenge is My Middle Name Challenge is My Middle Name Complete any level with hardcore mode on and difficulty set to hard 07/09/2012 16:47:08 1.56
Walk in the Park Walk in the Park Complete the game on hard using hardcore mode 07/09/2012 16:47:08 1.81
O Solo Mio O Solo Mio Complete a level with only Amadeus 07/09/2012 16:47:09 1.55
Like a Shadow Like a Shadow Complete a level with only Zoya 07/09/2012 16:47:10 1.55
Alone and Mighty Alone and Mighty Complete a level with only Pontius 07/09/2012 16:47:11 1.59
Trine Kaput? Trine Kaput? Complete a level with only Amadeus, a level with only Zoya and a level with only Pontius 07/09/2012 16:47:11 1.61
Catch This! Catch This! Kill an enemy with an airborne object tossed with the Knight's charge 07/09/2012 16:47:12 1.55
All Too Easy! All Too Easy! Finish a level without taking any damage (Not the Tutorial) 07/09/2012 16:47:12 1.62
The Leaning Tower of Pontius The Leaning Tower of Pontius Build a three-piece or three-character tower where lowest part is Pontius and his shield, tower must stand at least five seconds 07/09/2012 16:47:13 1.33
Rafting Rafting Create a makeshift raft of three separate parts and have a goblin sail it for five seconds 09/04/2012 16:34:22 1.70
This is Trine! This is Trine! Kick five enemies of the same kind into a bottomless pit with the Thief's grappling hook kick or the Knight's Kitesail Shield glide kick 09/04/2012 16:34:22 1.76

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