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11.6 average hours needed for completion.

18 achievements worth of 21.49 points
Achievement Description Crawled Points Report as
Apprentice Apprentice Complete 10 levels in Inventor Mode 0.59
Chronometrist Chronometrist Complete 10 Time Challenges 1.20
Precisionist Precisionist Complete 10 Move Challenges 1.17
Aptitude Aptitude Earn your first triple-gold award 0.48
Aurifex Aurifex Earn 10 triple-gold awards 1.23
Tinkerer Tinkerer Earn 100 stars 0.76
Widgeteer Widgeteer Earn 200 stars 1.08
Gadgeteer Gadgeteer Earn 400 stars 1.31
Keymaster Keymaster Unlock every level in Inventor Mode 1.23
Full Speed Ahead Full Speed Ahead Finish a level in Inventor Mode in 5 seconds or less 1.29
Cogsmith Cogsmith Complete 50 levels in Inventor Mode 1.34
Chronomancer Chronomancer Complete 50 Time Challenges 1.40
Master Precisionist Master Precisionist Complete 50 Move Challenges 1.39
Sprocketeer Sprocketeer Earn every star 1.42
Composer Composer Earn at least bronze Time and Move awards on all music levels 1.39
Maestro Maestro Earn triple-gold on all music levels 1.41
Pilot Pilot Earn at least bronze Time and Move awards on all flying levels 1.39
Aeronaut Aeronaut Earn triple-gold on all flying levels 1.42

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