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Mark of the Ninja: Special Edition DLC


8 achievements worth of 5.67 points
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Days Long Past Days Long Past Complete the new Special Edition level. 07/24/2013 23:11:08 0.68
The Humble Moth The Humble Moth Stun an elite guard with moths then dispatch him. 07/24/2013 23:11:08 0.88
Behind the Curtain Behind the Curtain View any of the developer commentaries. 07/24/2013 23:11:08 0.29
Back to Bed With You Back to Bed With You Knock out an enemy again that was revived from being knocked out. 07/24/2013 23:11:08 0.72
What Could Have Been What Could Have Been Complete one of the original Mark of the Ninja levels using the Path of Wisdom. 07/24/2013 23:11:09 0.81
Cordyceps Cordyceps Dispatch two enemies at once using a body infected with Toxic Fungus. 07/24/2013 23:11:11 0.83
Well, I Think It's Interesting Well, I Think It's Interesting Read one of the history lesson developer commentaries. 07/24/2013 23:11:11 0.64
Couldn't Do That Before Couldn't Do That Before Disable a spotlight using the Dusk Moths. 07/24/2013 23:11:11 0.83

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