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Colossal Cave

2.5 average hours needed for completion.

24 achievements worth of 0.01 points
Achievement Description Crawled Points Report as
We've Only Just Begun We've Only Just Begun You enter the wellhouse. 01/24/2023 19:14:05 0.00
You're Spelunkin' now You're Spelunkin' now You open the grate and enter colossal cave. 01/24/2023 19:14:05 0.00
Drums in the Deep Drums in the Deep You have an encounter with a dwarf. 01/24/2023 19:14:05 0.00
I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up Fall and break every bone in your body. 01/24/2023 19:14:06 0.00
Bridge Builder Bridge Builder You build a Crystal Bridge 01/24/2023 19:14:06 0.00
St. George's Gauntlet St. George's Gauntlet Congratulations. You've just vanquished a dragon. 01/24/2023 19:14:06 0.00
Redbeard's Revenger Redbeard's Revenger You encounter the pirate, and recover your stolen treasure. 01/24/2023 19:14:07 0.00
Birdman of the Caves Birdman of the Caves You successfully capture the bird 01/24/2023 19:14:07 0.00
Charmin' the Snake Charmin' the Snake You successfully defeat the snake in Hall of Mists 01/24/2023 19:14:07 0.00
Can't Bear The Weight Can't Bear The Weight Allow the bear to walk on the bridge 01/24/2023 19:14:07 0.00
Take the Scenic Route Take the Scenic Route You see the the breathtaking view in the depths of the cave. 01/24/2023 19:14:08 0.00
Treasure Seeker Treasure Seeker Player discovers 5 treasures 01/24/2023 19:14:08 0.00
Treasure Hunter Treasure Hunter Player discovers 10 treasures 01/24/2023 19:14:08 0.00
Egg on his Face Egg on his Face You retrieve eggs from troll 01/24/2023 19:14:08 0.00
Bear With Me Bear With Me You have freed the bear and brought him to the troll. 01/24/2023 19:14:08 0.00
Mr. Magic Mr. Magic You learn all the magic phrases. 01/24/2023 19:14:08 0.00
Batteries Not Included Batteries Not Included Get batteries from the vending machine in maze 01/24/2023 19:14:08 0.00
Green Thumb Goliath Green Thumb Goliath Grow the beanstalk, climb and explore the Giant Area 01/24/2023 19:14:09 0.00
Who's That? Who's That? You see the shadowy figure reflected in the cave. 01/24/2023 19:14:09 0.00
Soft Hands Soft Hands Safely deposit the vase in WellHouse 01/24/2023 19:14:09 0.00
Colossal Cave Explorer Colossal Cave Explorer You explore every region of the cave 01/24/2023 19:14:09 0.00
Master Cave Plunderer Master Cave Plunderer You discover all 15 treasures 01/24/2023 19:14:09 0.00
What a Winner! What a Winner! You have cleared the game! 01/24/2023 19:14:09 0.00
Perfect... Just Perfect. Perfect... Just Perfect. Perfect 350pt score. 01/24/2023 19:14:09 0.00

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