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And Yet It Moves

27.5 average hours needed for completion.

30 achievements worth of 49.85 points
Achievement Description Crawled Points Report as
Stuntman Stuntman Survive a very dangerous fall by landing on a steep slope. 0.38
Surfer Surfer Surf on moving objects for about 25 meters without touching the ground and land it safely. 1.02
Frozen Frozen Complete any level by only turning the world (no walking/jumping). 1.44
Bat-Wetter Bat-Wetter Heat wave in the cave! Cool down a sweating bat with a drop of water in The Great Escape. 1.05
Cave Dweller Cave Dweller Complete Chapter One. 0.51
Shown White Shown White Ride on a severed branch in Chapter Two for about 20 meters without touching the ground. 0.49
Demolition Man Demolition Man Break out all the stones in Break Them All. 1.75
Gift Gift Play the Credits to the end and receive your present. 1.22
Tabula Rasa Tabula Rasa Finish Tabula Rasa completely without dying. 1.79
Monster Drop Monster Drop Drop the monster out of the world in Horny Pet. 1.07
Suicidal Tendencies Suicidal Tendencies Get over a total death count of 1000 rips. 1.91
Around The World Around The World Do a 360 degree ride on a swing. 1.77
Rip Rip Die all possible deaths without quitting the game. 1.80
Random Random Well ... be lucky! 0.71
Addicted Addicted Play 'And Yet It Moves' for at least 3:30 hours without quitting the game. 1.84
Kamikaze Kamikaze Fall through a whole level from the first check point to the level end point (and rip there). 1.87
Time Challenge Chapter One Time Challenge Chapter One Beat the Chapter One Marathon in less than 5 minutes. 2.25
Time Challenge Chapter Two Time Challenge Chapter Two Beat the Chapter Two Marathon in less than 20 minutes. 2.36
Time Challenge Chapter Three Time Challenge Chapter Three Beat the Chapter Three Marathon in less than 25 minutes. 2.37
Zookeeper Zookeeper Feed the monkey with a fresh and undamaged banana. 1.69
Gregor Gregor Earn stamps on five different levels in the Limited Rotations mode. 2.23
MC Colin Ray MC Colin Ray Earn stamps on five different levels in the Time Trial mode. 2.19
Robinson Crusoe Robinson Crusoe Earn stamps on five different levels in the Survival mode. 2.08
Perfectionist Perfectionist Earn a stamp in each level on every mode. 2.47
Crazy Crazy Earn all the gold stamps and complete all the achievements! 2.48
Casey Casey Survive surfing the coconut-throwing monkey. 2.12
Cheater Cheater Beat the Spin Cycle level with all the cheats active. 2.27
Tarzan Tarzan Complete Chapter Two. 1.29
Guru Guru Complete Chapter Three. 1.36
All boni All boni Complete all the bonus levels. 2.08

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