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Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition - Dawn of the Dukes


16 achievements worth of 13.96 points
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Bond of Brothers Bond of Brothers Complete the Algirdas and Kestutis campaign. 08/10/2021 18:32:06 0.89
Tolerant Piety Tolerant Piety Build a Monastery or Shrine in every Lithuanian village in "Family Affairs". 08/10/2021 18:32:07 0.82
Scattered Horde Scattered Horde Kill all enemy commanders before defeating their hordes in "The Tatar Yoke". 08/10/2021 18:32:07 0.94
Mint Condition Mint Condition Deliver the Ransom Cart undamaged in "In the Shadow of the Throne". 08/10/2021 18:32:07 1.07
Star of the Poles Star of the Poles Complete the Jadwiga campaign. 08/10/2021 18:32:07 0.91
No Baggage No Baggage Defeat the Crimean Tatars without building a Town Center in "Vytautas' Crusade". 08/10/2021 18:32:07 1.12
No Quarter No Quarter Kill Ulrich von Jungingen and Nicolas von Renys in "The Fruits of Her Labor". 08/10/2021 18:32:07 1.14
Man of the Chalice Man of the Chalice Complete the Jan Zizka campaign. 08/10/2021 18:32:07 0.92
Zizkov Hill Zizkov Hill Do not lose the Old Tower northeast of your city in "The Golden City". 08/10/2021 18:32:08 1.03
Against All Against All Defeat the Crusaders in the fifth Jan Zizka mission "The Emperor's Fury". 08/10/2021 18:32:08 0.92
Bohemian Victory Bohemian Victory Win a game playing as the Bohemians. 08/10/2021 18:32:08 0.52
Rhapsody of the Bohemians Rhapsody of the Bohemians Train 10 Houfnices as the Bohemians. 08/10/2021 18:32:08 0.48
Fast Food Fast Food Gather 500 food by constructing farms next to Folwarks as the Poles. 08/10/2021 18:32:08 0.49
Protector of the Realm Protector of the Realm Win without losing any neutral towns to Halych in "Star of the Poles". 09/16/2021 23:09:02 1.10
Malevolent Marauder Malevolent Marauder Destroy all 6 Bohemian villages in "The One-Eyed Wanderer". 09/16/2021 23:09:02 1.12
Polish Victory Polish Victory Win a game playing as the Poles. 09/16/2021 23:09:02 0.50

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