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1.6 average hours needed for completion.

8 achievements worth of 3.87 points
Achievement Description Crawled Points Report as
A Sizeable Victory! A Sizeable Victory! Unlock all the main levels of Sizeable. 03/26/2021 15:23:19 0.36
Shellebration! Shellebration! Find every tortoise and unlock the secret levels. 03/26/2021 15:23:19 0.36
From The Beginning! From The Beginning! Find the secret level hidden in the main menu. 03/26/2021 15:23:20 0.36
Hole In One! Hole In One! Unlock 2 of the first secret golf levels! 03/26/2021 15:23:20 0.36
Welcome To The Jungle! Welcome To The Jungle! Unlock the secret Jungle golf level! 03/26/2021 15:23:20 0.44
The 5 Wonders of Sizeable! The 5 Wonders of Sizeable! Unlock all Wonders of the World levels! 04/16/2021 22:44:52 0.83
Faster than Ero?! Faster than Ero?! THIS IS AN OPTIONAL ACHIEVEMENT! Reset your game and go through Sizeable's main levels + wonders of the world in 30min or less! One sitting, but no tortoises or secrets needed! 04/16/2021 22:44:52 1.15
TMNP! TMNP! Find every hidden Ninja Pippin in the Sewers level! 06/10/2021 20:27:00 0.00

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