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4.6 average hours needed for completion.

12 achievements worth of 26.92 points
Achievement Description Crawled Points Report as
Beer Empire Beer Empire Open pubs in all districts and suburbs of Novoprimorsk 09/29/2019 08:37:15 2.29
Economy Class Pub Economy Class Pub Sell only cheap beer sorts in one of your pubs for two months 09/29/2019 08:37:15 2.21
Triumph Triumph Win in all nominations of the festival contest 09/29/2019 08:37:16 2.29
Iron Man Iron Man Complete the game without learning any signature recipe 09/29/2019 08:37:16 2.29
Fat Cat Fat Cat Acquire all your competitors 09/29/2019 08:37:16 2.29
Die Hard Die Hard Open a new pub in a district where your pubs previously went bankrupt twice 09/29/2019 08:37:17 2.29
Honest Business Honest Business Don't resort to bribery, espionage and tax evasion for two months 09/29/2019 08:37:17 2.21
True Exclusive True Exclusive Sell 500 pints of exclusive beer sorts 09/29/2019 08:37:17 2.29
Hell with Mini-games! Hell with Mini-games! Complete the game running the manual brewing mode no more than once 09/29/2019 08:37:18 2.29
You Call this "Beer"? You Call this "Beer"? Sell 500 pints of swill 09/29/2019 08:37:18 2.08
Favorite Color Favorite Color Sell beer of only one color in all your pubs for two months 09/29/2019 08:37:18 2.29
Consumers Choice Consumers Choice Have at least four pubs with a popularity of at least 95 09/29/2019 08:37:18 2.14

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