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Rank Player Best achievements Points Last update
1 Olipro Olipro ButterlordApple of my eyeKing SolomonThe king is pleasedFriends-Rivals-Champions-LegendsDoes Your Mother Know?Keep Calm and Drive a Clean LineThere Can Be a Lot of Gravel amongst the Snow and Ice RunsThat's a Lot of LakesPercolatedThe Slight BreezeKing of the WorldThe age of the automobileSmash HappyBlast From the Past 4928.36 11/13/2022 23:42:20
2 Guillaume Guillaume Space Station 2 MasteredFinal Level MasteredWarp Zone MasteredBig BangCautiousAmigaSpeed of LightGodAccident ProneSlap BoxReversal RiotPerfect RunGreen ThumbAvian VeterinarianAnalyst IV 3714.27 05/03/2022 09:49:59
3 Darkath Darkath Material WorldSAUSAGES AND BACONThe Outside BetPrimus Inter ImperatoresEndless PwnageAgainst All OddsDown but Not OutThe Learner Is Now the MasterThere Can Be Only OneVictory to the StrongPiece of (True) CakeRebel of the Elven CourtHoly ArmorPerma-liveNot the Men-of-Iron 2221.97 10/03/2022 17:31:51
4 FrereT0c FrereT0c CarefulNoobExperienceAttackerInquisitiveSyharhalnaThe origin of evilTactical AdvantageWinners don't use drugsBack from the brink of deathNoob No MoreNot todayEpic FailPETABounce Baby Bounce 1596.90 05/21/2019 08:25:48
5 Tomaka Tomaka Monster Island: Spawn CamperHistorian: DesertVanquished StingrayVanquished Bleak ElderCanada: CartographerCanada: Spawn CamperVanquished Captain ClawVanquished Mind-controlled BruteVanquished Roman StepanovStrategic GeniusBlack WidowRusskaya PravdaPrize HungryShow-offMad Medal Collector 1471.76 12/03/2022 02:44:13
6 Charmide Charmide Does Not Play Well With OthersBoarines: Isolationist Pigs (No, Really)Evucks: Passive-Aggressive Telepaths Are At Least As Bad As They SoundBurlusts: (Inarticulate Battle Cry)!!No Backseat DrivingSimplicityLeviathanDespair in Vienna50 DaysUnder the Sea—E SUN THE SUN THE SUN THE SUN TH—Tradition is the Democracy of the DeadOff the RailsCall It A Christmas PresentSoldier of Fortune 1323.04 10/26/2021 19:48:11
7 Tompalmer Tompalmer Recon expertExplore AsiaFiring BlindStonewallGeneralissimoTouristicoSurvivorHard RulerGot My Bucket And Spade - 2Metropolis - 2Romeo is Dead!Snore, Snore, Total Bore!French HeroFrench HeroEventful year 1166.51 11/03/2019 18:38:02
8 Hitrem Hitrem Barlowe LiberationRed PocketDamage DealerCut and SlashDamage DealerKiller the OutlawViciousExplosion15 Stealth Kills in a rowVoight-KampffLaser Light ShowSaviourHeavyweight TriceratopsWhite FeatherAdding insult to injury 1079.34 02/10/2018 15:20:44
9 MonsieurPweT MonsieurPweT That Bloody Well Hurts!Missed ConnectionSeekerWar-machinistThe Lion and Sabers MedalWood BoyHerculean EffortForced MarchIsland HoppingVarangian GuardThe Taste of VictoryAqueducts Area-1Bay ManThey're everywhereA bit closer to Heaven 709.60 07/30/2022 15:25:48
10 BackSodomizer Killernounours BackSodomizer Killernounours Whack a moleExperienced CountdownTheater of War Challenge CommanderIndirect but DeadlyTheater of War - 1941 - CaptainLeningrad Approach - GeneralBattle of Oka River - GeneralTheater of War - 1941 - ConscriptFirst Battle of Kharkov - GeneralIndirect Fire - GeneralMoscow Lines - GeneralMoscow Approach - GeneralBattle of Minsk - GeneralTheater of War - 1941 - BattlesCold Weather - General 659.91 07/26/2022 17:49:56
11 [CPC]Pikar [CPC]Pikar Private profile 530.86 06/27/2017 22:00:22
12 [CPC] gkal [CPC] gkal The Efforts of OthersVeteran StrategistBloody MadmanFrench HeroIn B4 ResetOil WarRaiderDabrowski’s LegionsParagon of VirtueIt's Good to be the KingRoyal BloodUnion BusterMaster of Any DomainTEC Fleet DiversificationPrestige Victory 286.97 09/22/2020 05:16:01
13 Sprites Sprites Speed RunSeneca FallsNeedle BoyN&8^2^%$1``*|-0&&The Real EndWell DoneMediumMedium Rare^**5%_=+12SuffragetteFOCUS... STEADY...I GOT A FEVERTOP 10 CREW!TOP 100 GANG! 169.73 12/23/2015 03:35:13
14 Sigarrett Sigarrett Old SweatEvery drop mattersPut the Boot inImmigrantsStoneworkJack of all TradesBuilt from StoneFoodieTraderVirus MasterBacteria MasterTHE STARLOSS OF INNOCENCESUCCESSFUL RESCUEFIRST BLOOD 101.79 07/14/2014 05:13:21
15 Tyler Ricky Tyler Ricky Private profile 0.00
16 FcknMagnets FcknMagnets Private profile 0.00
17 Zepolak Zepolak Private profile 0.00
18 wolverine1986 wolverine1986 0.00
19 Popoff Popoff Private profile 0.00
20 Peoch Peoch Private profile 0.00
21 Wizel Wizel Private profile 0.00

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